Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Rematch

We were eagerly waiting for MissKing to say go. My heart was pumping.That's because it was time for a rematch of a game called Capture the Flag with room fourteen down at the bottom field.
Shoal, Rita and I were guarding the flag. It started to get boring because people from the other team were in the safe zone but they were arguing and not working together. We were getting frustrated and started to yell. Suddenly Josiah snuck out and won the try. I think we lost because we didn't have any strategies and we didn't have any team work.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Capture the Flag

On Friday in the last block we went to room 14 to play a game called capture the flag. When we got there Miss King precisely explained the rules before dividing us into teams. Room 14 was the green team and we were the red team. We had to use the Riverside Club bands. After that we went to the bottom field to play the game.
Miss Wood took us to our places. Suddenly Miss King said "Go." Ashleigh and I pretended to have swords like a real war. We were laughing when were running with our pretend swords.
After that I started to guard the flag. But while I was guarding I was getting hungry. Finally we had to go to class because it was nearly time to go home. It was a tremendous game for us. Next time I hope it is another tremendous game.
Capture the Flag is a tactical game but it is fun. I can't wait till next Friday so we can play the game Capture the Flag again.