Monday, December 16, 2013

PES Reflection

This is now the start of my last week of Point England school. During my years at Point England School I have met new people and made new friends. I have grown to love this school and all the people in it. Next year I will be heading to Glendowie Collage. Its going to be really hard for me on the last day saying goodbye to all my friends and teachers. But I hope we will still come back and meet up again for riverside.

I can still remember my first day at Point England. I was so scared but I just hung out with my friend Ashleigh. Ashleigh is still one of my closest friends. Mrs George and Mrs Dwyers were my two new entrant teachers. And they were my two favourite teachers. My first year was great it really helped me to settle in properly and I met a lot of new kids who I am still friends with. Thank you Mrs George and Mrs Dwyers for starting me off on the right track.

Point England School for me has been great it was full of laughter sadness and joy. I will truly miss this school and all the people in it. My final year at Point England  is with Mrs Squires. I was also in another class with her which is cool. And I am happy that for my last year I am in her class.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Camp Keswick

Day 3 @ Camp Keswick

Thursday was quite a dull day but that never stopped us from heading off to the Blue lake. The bus took us to the other side of a mountain which we had to walk to the blue lake were we could go for a swim. At first we were a little bit lost to where we were heading too, but we found our way in the end. The walk was at least an hour but it was a pretty fun walk.

Surrounded by greenery we walked along the path. When we were nearly at the end we could see our buses which were already there. I could hear a little moaning from some of the other kids because we past this place before in the beginning.

A first it was freezing cold but it slowly got warmer. We played a little bit and then Ashleigh, Tui and I went on the pontoon it was really fun but I think when one of the boys jumped of he broke the chord that was holing the pontoon down but it was still fun. Sadly we had to leave because it started to rain.

We headed off back to camp because well we were all soaking wet but when we arrived we heard news that if we wanted to we could go to the pools. We planed to go sightseeing but it was raining hard out so that was the alternative activity. Mrs Nua payed for the kids who wanted to swim because it was $2 each but we had to pay her back when we got back to school.

The 2 meter pool was really cool because there was a little trampoline that we could jump off and do bombs or dives in. Ashleigh and I jumped off it a couple of times but sadly the blocked it of because one of the boys kept jumping of wrong and started playing around on it. I'm not sure how long we stayed there but overall it was fun.

That was the last activity of the day so after that we went back to camp to practise our prize giving dance. For me that would be the best day at camp.

Digital Reflection

Being connected with this years new digital technology has helped me to improve my learning. Having my net book connected to the internet has helped me for the following reasons. It has increasingly helped me to exceed more in my maths and reading academic scores at the end of each year. It has also help me to learn more about technology and the digital network.

The TLN Manaiakalani system is a great investment it has helped me personally to access my school work not only at school but at home also. That is great because if I have a task that has to be finished the next day I can always just work on it at home.

My teachers have helped me to learn different sites to help me get through tasks. Some of these sites are Mathswhizz, Xtramath and Thesaurus. Not only do they help me to finish tasks but I also get to learn something new every time I go on those sites.

My friends have helped me a lot with my work when I get stuck on a question or something like that but they have also helped me to stay on track and not go off task. Overall having a net book has helped me a lot and I think this new change is a really good improvement from having books and pencils.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

RIP Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is a great man who has helped to change the world in many ways. For example he had led his own race into becoming more independent and humble. Sadly he had passed away on Saturday the 7th of December at the age of 95. He lived an amazing life, and everyone who has ever been in his presence had been very blessed. He will forever be remembered and adored for his good works he has done. Rest in paradise Nelson Mandela. 

Camp Keswick

Day 2 @ Camp Keswick

Day 2 of camp was full of fun and laughter as all the year 8 kids went to the Agrodome. The Agrodome was so much fun. At first I think we all thought it wasn't going to be fun but we were all wrong. It was really quite interesting and funny.

We first watched as the host sheared a sheep. We felt sad for the sheep that was getting sheared because we thought it was getting thrown around. But he said it was al right and the sheep would be fine. After that he got some volunteers from the crowd to help milk a cow. Two people were invited to go up stage and help from our group and there we also others from the different groups It was really funny because I don't think we have ever seen a cow being milked before so it was really funny.

After that we went to see the Lady Knox geyser which erupts at 10:30 everyday. The Lady Knox geyser when it erupted went between 4 - 6 meters because of the days weather. When that had finished erupting we all went to the Thermal Wonderland just down the road. That was full of funny smells and interesting views.

The day overall went well and was pretty cool I couldn't wait for the next day and what we were going to do then.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Camp Keswick

Day 1 @ Keswick Camp

During last week, camp Keswick was filled of Point England's 2013 year 8's. We ventured on our way down to Rotorua heading to Keswick. That was where we had our year 8 camp. Our bus ride was at least three hours long, but lucky enough we had a few stops on the way. Our first stop was at a reserve which was where we had lunch. At the Reserve we had lunch and also skimmed rocks on the water. We found out that there was a lot of muscles at the lake.

After our break from the bus we had to go strait back on our next destination was a dam. When we arrived at the dam we went for a walk around. If you looked down the dam you could see a great big whole with a little lake down the side. But if you looked on the other side there was so much water I found it quite cool because it was really dry on the other side. Some of the teachers were a little scared of heights which was funny because they told us not to look down and pretend to push them off.

When we finished our walk we went back on the bus for the last time and headed down to Keswick camp. It was really cool because they had a big field to play in and all the girls also had their own sort of cabins. After we unpacked we had to go back onto the bus and we drove to a hill which we walked up. The mountain was really bug to walk through. It was 3.8 kilometers. The first day of camp was fun and I couldn't wait for the next.

Day 2 @ Keswick Camp

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thank You!

WOW! I just can't believe that my time at P.t England School is almost coming to an end. I really love this school and all the people in it. I have meet new people and made heaps of friends. First of all I would like to say a HUGE  thank you to Mr Burt and Mrs Burt. These two people have tried to make this school  more productive and have tried to improve our students academic records. I would also like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of my teachers who have taught me through all my years at P.t England. They along the way have help me to go on the right path and have help me to get where I am now. So again a BIG thank you to all of my teachers. I will truly miss you next year.

Now to all of my friends, I have grown to love each and everyone of you, I could almost say that you are my family. Each of you have your own personality and I know some of us are going to different collages but I hope we all keep in touch. Thank you for sticking up for me during those tough times and thank you for helping me when I need you guys. I wish all of you good luck and I hope you will have fun during your way through life.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Balloon Thrust Investigation.

The extension group did some research about thrust. Our investigation consisted of a balloon, straw,tape and a string. The room was full of laughter and disappointing sighs. The three pictures below show our predictions, findings and changes we made during this time. We all had three chances to try and improve our balloon thrust.

Outlook For Someday

The year 7 and 8's as well as a few others had the opportunity to work with two people to come and teach us more about the Outlook For Someday. There names were Chris and Ilia. They taught us about society, economy, environment and culture.

The first activity was to find out the differences between sustainability, economy, society and environment. After we split into groups we got handed a puzzle which we had to figure out. The puzzle has pictures about sustainability, economy, society and environment. We all finished at about the same time. So we quickly moved onto the next activity.

Our next activity was to make a short movie about ether sustainability, economy, society and environment. My group chose to make a short movie revolving around the environment. Our Plan was to make an instruction video of how to look after the environment. I played as a bird while Jasmine and Vivienne were the hosts of the show. Shoal was also the camera person/actor.

Making the movie was really quite funny. Since I was the bird I made it difficult because I really didn't wan't to be in the first place. Below is the movie that my group and I had made. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Brooklyn Maths

1. Trevor has to drive 422 km’s. He looks at his odometer and sees he has gone 289 kms. How much further has he got to go?

289 + ? = 422
289 + 11 = 300
300 + 122 = 422
11 + 122 = 133

2. The shop is selling jandals for $9 a pair.  They have sold $486 worth of jandals so far. How many pairs have they sold?

9 x 50 = 450
9 x 4 = 36
50 + 4 = 54

3. Sam was giving away some of his marbles. He has 96 altogether. He said to his friend Ben, “You can choose to have  ¼  of them all or ⅔   of ½ of them.” Which should Ben choose?

96 1/2 = 48
1/4 of 48
4 x 10 = 40
4 x 2 = 8
4 divided by 48 = 12 x 1 = 12
2/3 of 48
3 x 10 = 30
3 x 6 = 18
3 divided by 48 = 16 x 2 = 32

4. The A Softball team has scored 72 goals over the season so far. The is 6 times more than what the B Softball team has scored. How many goals has the B team scored in the season so far?

72 x 6 =
70 x 6 = 420
2 x 6 =12
420 + 12 = 432

5. 7 of the class are not going on camp. The ¾ of the class are. How many are in the class altogether

7 x 4 = 28
7 x 3 = 21
28 + 21 = 49

6. There are  8 boxes. Each box has 25 apples in it. How many apples are there altogether?

25 x 8 =
8 x 20 = 160
8 x 8 = 64
160 + 64 = 224

7. There are 24 classes at school. ⅜  of them are Year 1 or 2 teams. How many is this?

3/8 of 24 = 9
24 divided by 8 = 3
1/8 = 3
3/8 = 9

8. In the hop, skip and jump (Triple Jump) the record for  men is 18.29m whereas the record for women is 15.5m. How much longer is the men’s record than the women’s.

15.5 + .5 = 16
16 + 2 = 18
18. + .29 = 18.29
.95 + .29 = 3.24
3.24 + 2 = 5.24

9.There is a bottle of juice on the table that holds 3.5litres. Ana pours out a cup of juice that is .895ml. How much juice is left?

.895 + ? = 3.5
.895 + .105 = 1 + 2.5 = 3.5
2.5 + .105 = 2.605

10. The school has been donated packets of felt pens to share out evenly between the 22 classes. How many feltpen packets does each class get if they got given 308 packets?

308 divided by 22.
22 x ? = 308
22 x 10 = 220 r 88
22 x 4 = 88
10 + 4 =14

11. Tiana saved the same amount each week after 16 weeks she had saved $96. How much money had she saved after 6 weeks?

16 = 96
8 = 48
6 = 42

Louisa gets 37/40 for her test. What percentage did she get correct?
40 = 100%

37 = 92.5 %
30 = 90%
20 = 50%
4 = 10 %

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Brooklyn and Roezala's Maths Strategy

1. The world record for throwing a cellphone in 2012 was 102.68 metres. James attempted to beat the record but only managed to throw 97.89m. How much was he short by?
97.89 + ?= 102.68
97.89+ .11 = 98.0
98+ 4.68 = 102.68
.11 + 4.68 = 4.79

2. Teams are allowed up to 14 players in the touch competition. If there are 168 players altogether how many teams are there?

14x 10=140
28 divided by 4= 2
10+2 = 12

3. Tiaki is fixing part of his fence. The pickets he needs are .68m long each. How many metres of timber does he need to cut up 45 pickets?
0.68 x 45 =

0.68 x 20 = 13.6

0.68 x 20 = 13.6
0.68 x 5 = 3.4
27.2 + 3.4 = 30.6

4. Sammie measured the distance from his bedroom door to the lounge and it was 5.2m.  It was an extra 2.9 to the couch. What was the total distance from his bedroom to the couch?
5.2m +2.9 =?
5.2+. 9= 6.1
6.1+ 2= 8.1

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Friends

“We are best friends remember that every time you fall,I will pick you up...after I finish laughing :)”. My friends and I really like this quote because it reminds us of when one of us either falls or falls over. We are a very talkative bunch who enjoy hanging out and having fun. If in one word I could describe my friends it would be unique.

My best friend Ashleigh, I have known her all my life even in kindergarten we were best friends. From then till when we go of to college I hope we will still stay in touch. Ashleigh is a really funny character who will always stick up for her friends and is very smart.

Makerita, 6-7 years I have known her. Rita is very smart and likes to smile alot. Rita out of the group is the mature yet immature person in our group. She likes to play outside but also likes to just kick back and relax sometimes.

Shoal, is a very funny girl who likes food and enjoys watching the newest songs and videos on youtube. She is very kick back and likes to play touch. Shoal is very interesting and also has the most funniest stories.

Hueloata, She is the youngest one in our group, she tells funny jokes and has a really funny laugh. She is very active and likes to play outside on the field. Hueloata and I are really close friends and have the same amount of randomness.

Vivienne, is a smart intelligent girl who is kind and funny. She likes to kick back and is a really good dancer. I meet her to hangout with friends and enjoys being a photographer and videographer. I think she will be very successful when she grows up.

Those are all five of my friends we are very close and we sometimes pretend that we're family. I hope you got an idea of what my friends are like and enjoyed reading my post.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Sample Narrative - Forrest

Running away from home I end up at the edge of the forbidden forest. Do I go in? I thought to myself. Mum and I had just got into an argument about moving again. Every year she says this is the place yet every year we move. It’s just not fair! When we arrived she gave me strict instructions to not go into the forbidden forest. So this was the best chance to go check it out.

Walking in I see lush native greenery. “This is a pretty cool place” I said to myself. I keep walking and arrive at a picnic table placed in the middle of the forest I look a little closer and it said on a plaque “To my sister Charity”. I sit down wondering who Charsity is? Walking home it started to precipitate.  Its starts to rain so I run home and ask my parents who Charsity is like they would have any idea, but to my surprise they said that the real estate told them about her. She had sadly vanished one day in the woods.... To be continued.

One Direction!

One direction is an English-Irish pop boy band which consists of Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayne Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. They first auditioned for x factor separately but sadly got eliminated. They got put together as a group just after the judges decided that they couldn’t send them home. After x factor they stayed together and signed together with Simon Cowell’s record label Syco Records. Their first song “what makes you beautiful” and “live while we’re young” became topped the charts in 2011 and 2012. The group has sold 19 million singles and 10 million albums according to the band’s management company. One direction is overall a great band who has stolen the hearts of millions of girls around the world.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Origins

The extension group have recently been researching more about the origins of Halloween. First we shared some ideas of what we thought halloween was all about. At first I thought halloween was about dressing up in scary costumes, celebrating the dead and also eating loads of lollies. But I was wrong there is a lot more information to halloween.

This is what we found out. We started of with the celtic calendar. The celtic calendar has a light side and a dark side. Samhain (Sel-win) is also called the Harvest festival. During the harvest festival the days go shorter and the nights are longer. Permeable is when the after life can come in to the living world and we can come into there world as well. When the celtic tribes come together they would light up a bonfire to welcome the new year.

All saints day also known as Lemuria was originally placed on the 13th of may but changed to the 1st of November. Lemuria was also a day that the Romans thought the dead would rise so to prevent this they would poured roman milk over them. This date was moved so they could drain out the life of halloween. But just to be sure the Christian's made the 2nd of November all souls day. 

On all souls day people go knocking on doors and beg for soul cakes and in exchange they will give prayers to the people in Purgatory. Purgatory is a place between heaven and hell. What did you think Halloween was all about?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 Future Jobs

For me I think to be a Filmer you would have to Have experience with cameras and also have a media degree. And to became a Filmer you would probably need to start volunteering to film at any celebration. But also study hard.

Director’s, I wonder how they became one? I think they would need to have inspiration to make movies. Know important things about cameras, and most importantly go to university and study movie making.

Flight Attendant
When you go on a plane you will always see a flight attendant. What do you think they would need to do to get there? I think they would have great hostess skills and not be afraid of heights. Also they would probably need to do a course.

To be a pilot you would definitely need to do a course so you can learn how to drive a plane. I think they would like a Flight attendant you shouldn't be afraid of heights.

To me to be a lawyer you have to know what you're studying in university. For example you might want to be a lawyer for crime or young justice. I also think you would need to be very confident and very justifying.  

Maria The Undentified Girl

The greek police had great surprise while searching through a Roma camp. They were originally looking to search for drugs and weapons, as part of an illegal crackdown activity. During the operation the prosecutor saw something standing out. This was a blonde blue-eyed little girl.

Maria was her name and was around four years old. the officials said on Friday that she didn’t look like the couple she was living with. DNA tests proved that she didn’t belong to the couple. And further inspections raised more suspicions.

As the Greek officials try to find her true identity and whether the couple were linked to a trafficking rings, experts are using the case to point out the severe weakness in the country’s birth registration system.

The Greek police have asked for assistance from Interpol in helping find the childs real family. A charity said it has sought the same assistance from the international groups for missing or abused children.

Until just five months ago there was no central register. And even now births declared in different municipalities before early May 2013 are not cross-checked on a national basis.Maria  had been registered in Athens, from where the couple had obtained a birth certificate.

If you want to read more please click on the link below

Friday, October 11, 2013


Looking at all the rows of red plushed seats being filled with people, I can't wait until the show starts.  Opening my lollies I start to sink into my chair and get relaxed.

 'The show will start in a couple of minutes' a voice came booming out of the intercom. It started to quiet down as the room started to get dimmer. The show had now started and the first character had walked on stage. 'Glinda the good' was her name and all the little munchkins surrounded her asking all these questions. 'Was it true that you were friends with the wicked witch of the west'? That was the question that had led her into telling them her story of what happened with her and the wicked witch.

I don't want to tell you everything about this show but it was very cool and the actors,singers and dancers were awesome. If you get the chance to see it you would really enjoy it.

   This photo was taken before the show with me and my sister drinking Glinda the good mock tails. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Art Reflection

This weeks creative strand task was kind of the same as last week as it revolved around finishing our Polynesian woodcut designs. I really enjoyed this week as I got to start printing my designs on paper. Starting with yellow and building our way to the last colour black.  But sadly I didn't get to finished my printing as there as been a lot going on and not enough time.  This week I learnt that printing has to be done really accurate and that you have to be very patient to let the paint dry.  Overall it has been a great week and I cannot wait till the next time when I get to finish of my work.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Self Explaining Roads Project

Above is my movie about what we researched about in extension. It is a movie about what Makerita and I did to get answers from the year 3s and 4s. The questions we asked the little kids were about self explaining roads and streets . Self explaining roads are streets/roads around Glen Innes with Plants and Roundabouts in the middle of them.  I hope you enjoy my movie.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Information On Apirana Taylor

 Apirana Taylor attended Te Aute Collage and from there Massey University. He choose to not continue University when he rediscovered his passion for writing poetry. At the age of 21 he took a notebook with him writing poetry while he walked around New Zealand. 

Since then he had been working at some very labouring jobs such as Building sites, labouring and cleaning toilets. Apirana has frequently been hired as a teacher. Through choice he had worked at these occupations as he felt these were the kind of surroundings he'd find the kind of material he wished to write about.  He has won awards for his plays, short storys, poetry and acting. Which is pretty cool because he comes from a long line of directors, writers and actors. 

He earns a living mainly as a poet storyteller and actor. Magical Storytelling and wonderful poetry is what he is commonly known for. He has been regularly invited all of the country to present his work. He has also been invites twice to both Europe and India to read his Poetry. I cannot wait for this Thursday as we can talk to him and other people like him. 

Courtesy of Apirana Taylor.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Maori Reflection

This week I was in the creative strand for reading we had to choose two different woodcut patterns and mix them together to make your own design

The things that I enjoyed was learning how to carve out my woodcut design. And seeing my finished product on wood and cut out. This Art design was really fun and I can't wait to do it again.

The things that I didn't really like was waiting for the other kids to finish printing their woodcut design on paper. Another thing that I didn't enjoy was my fingers getting cramped from holding the carving knife for to long.

What I found Interesting was learning different patterns and finding the Samoan name for them. Another thing I found interesting was trying to draw the different patterns and getting it right.

I learnt how to hold a carving knife properly and I also learnt different ways and patterns of the Polynesian design. I really liked carving and having a different experience.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royal Baby News

The new royal baby has arrived, a baby boy that is. In London the day that Princess Kate had her baby was my dads birthday, but the thing is is that in New Zealand it was the day after my dads birthday which I think is pretty cool.

Kate had given birth to a healthy baby boy at 4:24 pm at London's St Mary's Hospital. The unnamed baby weighs 8 pounds. Outside Buckingham Palace there was a massive crowd waiting to see the golden easel.

This new born baby is the third in line for the throne. I know that they haven't named the baby yet and I can't wait. So congratulations to Kate Middleton and Prince William to their new baby. 

Ashleigh's 13th Birthday

Tanya, Ashleigh's mum came down the drive way to pick me up for her Ashleigh's birthday sleepover.  I ran down the hallway to get my bag. We had two more stops to go we were heading to Shoal's house then to Vivienne's.

As we walked through the door Ashleigh came up to us and said "Hi". Ashleigh stayed down stairs for a while when we all walked up the stairs to her bedroom. I set up my present that I had brought her on the dresser. Huelo-ata came knocking on the door a couple of minutes later.  We were all here and ready for our 6:30 movie.

It was coming up to 6:30 so we started our journey all the way to Sylvia park. As we walked through the doors we noticed that there were hardly any people there. We all ran up to the movies and went to buy the tickets. After that we had spare time before the movie so we went to Pak 'n' save and brought some snacks.

The movie we went to watch was Despicable movie 2. It was really funny! For all you guys who haven't watched it yet it is a really hilarious movie for the whole family.  After the movie we went to the photo booth just outside and we took a couple of photos. We walked down the stairs and meet Tanya and Roland after the movie so we could make our ways to Dominoes. In the car we all started talking about the movie and the funniest parts.

Roland went in the store and bought pepperoni and cheese pizzas. It smelt so delicious. When we got to Ashleigh's house we sat on the table and ate the pizza. I had 3 slices of pizza it was yummy. After dinner we set up our beds and we watched a scary movie which had ended at 12:30 am. In the morning, we all got ready for school while Tanya was making our lunches.

Overall I had an awesome time hanging out with my friends and going out to the movies after school. Thank you to Ashleigh for inviting me over and a huge thank you to Ashleigh's mum Tanya, for letting us stay.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rock Climbing

Above is a presentation that shoal and I had made for a task that our teacher Mrs Squires had given to our group. The task was to write paragraphs revolving around one main idea yet it has really different meanings.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should PES Be A Single Gender School.

Should PES Be A Single Gender School.

I think Point England School is awesome and I don’t think we should be a single gender school . The reason for this is because if it was an all girls school there would be more dramas. Also if PES was an all boys school, there might be more fights between them.  

Girls are used to having more dramas than boys and more likely to gossip and spread rumors. And start to hurt other peoples feelings. If it was an only girl school the teachers would also have to break up fights.

But the good reasons about having a girls school would be they wouldn't be as shy to put there hand up.  And there is also be no distractions which can change their learning.

If it was a boys school there would still be dramas and fights but not as much as a girls school. Some boys would also cause fights over little things because some might be jealous of other people.

The good thing for having an all boys school would be there would be no distractions which can improve their learning ways and there would be less fights.

Prospective Student

The story below was made by my friend Huelo-Ata and I. I hope you like it.

Dangling precariously off the cliff the boy wonders to himself, will I make it?, or has my time come to an end? But with all his strength that he has left he pulls himself up onto the ledge. A slight of relief came across his mind but he also felt a feeling of anxiousness. Stopping to take a breath, in his sights he sees the karate dojo standing before him. His search had finally come to an end.

As he was walking up the steps, we could see the door. “Knock, knock!” The boy knocked twice. “SQUEAK!” The door slowly started to open and behind the door was the sensei. The boy saw the sensei and bowed not knowing what to do next. The sensei had pointed to his right and shut the door behind him.
The boy was very disappointed so he started to meditate to show the sensei that he was good enough to get into the school. After meditating for a day and a night, he finally knocks on the door again. The sensei opens the door and has the exact same reaction. Pointing to the side the boy gets rejected again.
The boy was very disappointed so he turned around and left the school. As he was walking, he looked down at the ground and his reactions start to change as he get more confident. He was so confident that he kicked the door open and wanted to fight the sensei.

As he was in his fighting stance, the sensei had pointed to the side on more time and he had finally looked to where he was pointing and saw a sign. “Please use side entrance”Looking very embarrassed, he used the side entrance and shut the door behind him.   

Fractured Fairy Tale Story

“Yeah! Wolf is here now. Lets get this party started” said one of the little pigs. They had invited their friends over to celebrate wolfs 21st birthday. Everybody was dancing and enjoying themselves except for one pig .He was sitting in the corner alone. His eyes started to drop and he fell asleep. He had a dream about the wolf being best friends with the pigs and that he would be all left alone. He quickly woke up and realised that no one was there. They had left him. A flicker of anger came across his eyes and at that moment he realized that he would be one of the pigs brothers but the wolfs worst enemy.

After the party, Little Red Riding Hood’s dad told her to take a basket to her grandmother. The basket was full of goodies but there was someone behind the tree who really wanted to have it, it was the  wolf. He had just finished coming from the three little pigs party and now he wanted Little Red. He followed her all the way to the middle of the forest until he saw the two little pigs and knew that there was something wrong.

After a 30 minute walk the evil pig had seen a little cottage and remembered that it was grandmas house. The pig knocked on the door loudly and when grandma answered the door. The pig ate her. He puts on grandma's clothes and jumped into her bed. Red Riding Hood opens the door and saw grandma on the bed. “Hey, grandma why are you so fat?” I ate alot when I was on the trip” replied Grandma. “Why is your nose so big?” “I had plastic surgery” said Grandma. “Why are you so pink?” “Just Give Me The Basket!” The Evil Pig Shouted “Ok here it is grandma” said Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red knew something was wrong, “Knock Knock!” Someone was knocking on the door. Little Red opened the door and it was their friend, the wolf. “ Don’t give her the basket!!” he said, but it was too late. In the basket was Cinderella's glass slipper. All along the wolf wanted Red Riding Hood because she had mistaken his basket with  hers. .......... TO BE CONTINUED

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Story Board for Mysterious Fairy Tale

My friends, Ashleigh, Hueloata and I have made a storyboard about a Mysterious Fairytale. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nelson Mandela

SER Form

Above is a little form that Rita and I worked on for our extension project. The extension group are helping our friend that attends Tamaki University for their research about these types of roads. It is about what’s good for walking and what’s bad for walking in SER streets (Self explaining roads).  Please fill out this form if you live on roads similar like these Anderson Ave, Maybury Road and such. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Narrative

Dashing under the bridge was my best option at this point. What was happening was a torrential downpour! I arrived under the bridge near the train station with my soggy boots and drenched coat. Suddenly a truck tipped over the bridge. I ran across to the where the truck had landed and realized that oil was pouring out of the back and the vehicle and the engine was still running. I grabbed a rock and threw it against the window to try and unlock the door. I felt a heat coming from the back of the truck it was a ......

Friday, May 31, 2013

What Is Diabetes? By Rita ,Gabriel and Me

Diabetes is a disorder where glucose (sugar) cannot enter the body’s cells because the pancreas doesn't make enough insulin. The insulin acts like a key so the carbohydrates can enter the cells. There are two different types of diabetes type 1 and type 2. Type 1 means that the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin. Glucose then builds up in the body which makes you fatigued or tired. Type 2 means the pancreas makes insulin but it doesn’t work properly. Sometimes if untreated, you may experience a different variety of disabilities.

It starts in the stomach. All the food gets divided into 3 groups, carbohydrates, protein and fat . The carbohydrates break down to starches and glucose, which enter the bloodstream. While they’re travelling through the bloodstream, the pancreas then produces insulin. The insulin acts like keys so the glucose can enter the muscle and fat cells. This gives energy to the body.  

The consequences and the effects to having diabetes can be very severe. Things like blindness, tiredness, and lack of urine affect your body. To make it even worse, if you've been living with it for quite a while, as in years, you will quite possibly die from a sudden heart attack, stroke or even kidney failure. Having diabetes makes your life become more of a hassle.

There aren't many solutions to having diabetes. Instead, people try to reduce the effects of diabetes by oral medication from their doctor. The easiest way to monitor type 2 diabetes is to exercise. Running around the basin, bike rides, or any fitness is the key. Unfortunately type 1 diabetes can only be reduced by getting an insulin shots from your doctor.