Friday, December 10, 2010

Going to the lagoon

With a huge splash I plunged into the Pakuranga lagoon. As I stood on the bank I shivered and shuddered, with teeth chattering too. “Cool!”I exclaimed. I could still see the ripples from my cannon ball and the patterns of sun light on the surface. As I walked over to tell my mum and dad it turned out not to be the ripples of my cannon ball, but confusingly the ripples of my brother flicking water on to the lagoon. I was annoyed because my brother kept on poking me, so later when he wasn’t looking I pushed him into the lagoon. My sister cracked up, laughing so loud that later on she had sore ribs. The day started to grow cold and we decided to go home. My brother whispered I cant wait to go back there again so I can push my sister into the pool” I think it was his sugar rush talking.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


One Halloween night is here and all I see is ordinary people roaming the side walks with plastic bags. Later that our nana and papa gave us a lollie lay and a flower aye that you wear around your head. But sadly we had to give most of our lollies away.

Quickly as we could before these strangers came to our house we brought out a silver bowl out of the bottom cupboard and put lollies and chips inside it. Sadly only one was dressed up as a scary vampire so she got the biggest lollie that my sister wanted “Mum I wanted that one” she said and cried. When we couldn't see any more trick or treaters, we ate the left over lollies it was nice.

A while later we watched a halloween movie which was really creepy “ahh!” my sister said at the end of the movie.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


With great difficulty I squeezed into the life jacket Chris gave me. This is cold” I said to my friend. Eagerly awaiting to go into the pool, Chris helped me adjust life jacket. My friend Chante was chattering excitedly to me and just before I got reply every body had to line up ready to make their way inside the pool.

Chris is a Great swimming teacher he is a helper at water safety NZ he is going to teach as about water safety every Wednesday until it is the end of the term.

As I hopped into the pool my teeth started to chatter like beaver gnawing at wood. After a while i got used to it and and the chatter of my teeth started to die down. When all of us were in the pool we had to practise our help position all around the pool , we were crashing bumping into each other while doing that. Some activities that we were doing were a recap of the ones last week.

Another activity was when we all had to get in a huddle and sing the national anthem. Chris our instructor was spinning us around in a circle it was fun. After awhile we had free time. Chante, Jay’lee and I sang ring a ring a Rosie. After that we had to go “I cant wait to go next week” I said to Miss Squires. One of the games we played was a five second frenzy, with our life jackets on. It was hard because the life jacket forced us to float on top of the water.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you know how scientists classify the animal kingdom? Well they classify the animal kingdom into categories based on their characteristics. The two biggest categories are Vertebrates and Invertebrates.

Vertebrates have a backbone such as reptiles, amphibians, birds fish and mammals. Humans are mammals too because they have a backbone, warm blooded and when they are young their mothers feed them milk.

Invertebrates have no backbone. They make up 97% of the animal kingdom and are comprised of 7 groups. Arthropods-exoskeleton, annelida- worms and mollusc's there soft bodied Invertebrates, like snails and slugs. That’s three groups.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Immersion Assembly Term 4

“Oh my gosh” I said to my friends as I walked into the hall for our Immersion Assembly finally I know what our new topic is for this term. At home I had desperately wanted to know and now I did. It was about little critters. I like the Immersion Assembly because all of our teachers come together dressed up and perform a play to show us, what our topic is.

My favourite item was Team 4. They were a bee colony with worker bees and of course the queen bee. She was Mr Barks dressed in a curly wig with a tiara, wearing sparkly clothes. The worker bees fed him, cleaned him and they also cooled him down. Mr Barks kept on laying eggs which was funny as the eggs were teddy bears wrapped up in toilet paper.

The other one that I liked was Team 3 they were NZ Next Top Little Critter every one of them were lady bugs except Miss Mauld she was a bee. It was funny when they were dancing. After the Immersion Assembly I couldn't wait to learn about little critters

Friday, September 10, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

On Saturday morning 4:00 a.m an earthquake unexpectedly struck in the city of Christchurch. The earthquake was 7.1 on the Richter scale. There was Devastation in the middle of Christchurch with tilted building , massive cracks and also shattered glass .

With roads buckled this is what made it really dangerous for the people who were living there.Just when the earthquake happened a person had a heart attack and sadly died . Many parts of the city were covered in water through liquefaction and there were bricks and rubble littered everywhere. The Buildings were unstable and that is what made them collapse.
It was dangerous when the earthquake happened because there were chimneys falling, blown pipes and crushed cars. People had to quickly evacuate from their home or they would have gotten crushed. Some people say it sounded like a train slammed into their house and there are still more after shocks to come.

I was really scared when I heard about the earthquake because of all the damage and the possibility of people getting killed.I thought there might be an earthquake in Auckland.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cross country for 2010

Waiting for the cross country race to begin is so nerve wracking. “Senolita are you nervous?” I asked, “ I am”. Suddenly Mr Burt started talking but although I couldn't hear him, my friend Senolita told me what he said. It was time for the really thing. “I’m so nervous but luckily I’m in Mataatua they are the bomb!!” I said to my friend.

Suddenly Mr Burt said “ The 11 year olds come to the start line they're up first." Race after race it started counting down. Finally he said that the 9 year olds are up. Right then my heart skipped up a beat. We had to go to the start line and wait for a bang of to starting blocks to crash together.

After a while Mr Burt was saying “ On your marks get ready” then I heard a bang. I nearly slipped over at the start as we all went off pushing and shoving each other to try and be at the start. But I was only at the middle.

Later on we all passed the gate and there was a big puddle of squishy yucky mud that made it hard for us to run. Suddenly when I was half way there Zion caught up to me we sprinted all the way to the finish. She ran across and she came 8th and I came 9th. I felt glad that I made it. I said to myself “I think my goal next year is to came less than 9th”.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Movie Surprise

“Another morning another day,” I said wearily as I slowly got out of bed. Ariana my sister groaned at my mum, “Whats for breakfast mum, I've been waiting till ten o'clock!” My mum replied “Then make yourself some cereal.” “Ok.” Ariana said with glee.” “Come on girls get changed were going out.” Our mum yelled from the kitchen. “Where are we going out?” We asked. “It’s a surprise!” She replied. “ Oh,” we moaned. “Chop chop” she yelled. “Aahh” my sister said, “mum kind of scared me.”

While we were waiting in the car, we were bubbling with excitement over our surprise.
It soon started to get boring waiting our mum. She couldn’t decide what to wear. “Hurry up Mum!” We shouted from our seats. Finally after taking her time she opened the car door and hopped in. When mum put the keys in the ignition the car roared to life like a grumbling stomach. On the way Ariana shouted from the backseat, “Can you put on California Girls?” We sang along to the song in our best Alicia Keys voices.

“We’re here!” Mum said as we pulled into the entrance of Highland Park. “Oh I know where we are going now. We are going to the movies!” Ariana replied. “What are we watching?” I asked. “Its part of your surprise!” Mum smiled.

Suddenly my hand started to get sweaty. I was nervous because I didn’t know what the movie was, or if I had seen it before. With tickets in hand we tried to find our seats in the dark. We waited in the cinema for about five minutes listening to the music. My sister and I were bursting with anticipation. Finally the lights dimmed and the ads came on. I was still trying to find out what the movie was called. Mum told us we were watching Shrek Forever After. I was thrilled to hear that.

After the movie I felt like I wanted to see it again. My favourite character was donkey. When he had to sing to the witches his voice was hilarious! The best part of the movie was when the Ogres and Fiona and Shrek started dancing under Peter Pipers spell. Donkey and Puss tried to rescue them but you will have to watch it to find out what happens. My sides were hurting from laughing too much. It was so good that I want to get it on dvd if it comes out.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion assembly

When I went to school on the first day of term 3 I wondered to my self “ What is are topic for this term “? So then we all went inside the hall for our Immersion assembly and i saw Mr Barks wearing a red beard which looked really funny on him. Before long I heard mr Burt saying “ Tena Koutou tamariki ma “ assembly has began .

After that Mr Burt showed us what our topic is this term and it was Mighty Mariners I had know idea what that meant until we saw the items from team one to five teachers. My favourite team was team 5because Miss Tito, as Jessica Watson a sixteen year old from Australia, the youngest to travel around the world solo on a yacht for me that is amazing.

My second favourite was team four with Miss King dressed up as a pirate looking for Johnny Depp ( Miss Tele’a ) it was funny after that I felt amazed because It was interesting but funny. I wonder what the topic will be next term.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bike safety

"Yeah its finally the day to ride bikes" I said to my self. Well not actually it was just to learn about bike safety ,which was fun to. We had coaches from a group called Bigfoot Adventures and there names were Tony and Adrian .

Room fifteen were listening attentively as Tony and Adrian told us about the safety precautions . Tony also explained to us what a bike was in good working order .He said that a carefully adjusted helmet was correct safety equipment along with brightly coloured clothing and correct foot wear . Room fifteen were listing to Tony because he was telling us what we were doing next so he said " We are about to do some races but it is a different kind of race , you have to go slow and you cant touch the ground and you have to go straight or you are out at the end of the race I came 5Th or something like that .

Before long Tony said "Now we are crossing over to the hand-signaling course . Suddenly I felt nervous because I thought it was hard but Tony said" look over here and I will tell you what to do". So he showed us how to do the hand-signaling ( Indicating ) . Then we had a go are selves when it was my turn I found out I was mistaken about it being hard. Well it was pretty tricky riding with one hand but I got the hang of it later on Because I didn't really focus and I needed to because it was still a bit challenging. When we were finished I felt awesome.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Camping in Kaitata

"Finally we are going camping with our cousins!" I said to my sister and my mum. For me it was my second time camping, my first time was our school camp. When we were on our way to Kaitaia it took a long time (4.5 hour drive). Any way at Shipwrecks Bay almost every day my cousins, sister and I would always play in the water because we were camping on the beach, literally on the beach. Sometimes I had to clean out our tent.
One day when we were playing in the water my cousin Tekerehi told my sister and I that we were water babies because we love swimming. I wonder, do you love swimming? Well back to the story, in the water we played with our boogie boards also our uncle brought some kayaks and they were really fun until I flipped out of the kayak while catching a wave. It hurt but at the same time it was fun.

The day after that we went to Coke-a-Cola lake that was really fun too, if you flapped your arms around in the lake you would see that it looks like fizzy coke.
When it was time to go somewhere (the adults wouldn't tell us) we felt hungry. We wanted fish and chips so we sang the fish and chips song to give them a clue, but sadly it didn't work. Anyway we went to this beach, it had big waves so it was good for boogie boarding. Also my uncle, cousins and I went snorkeling, it was fun. I saw a school of fish and a fish skull that kind of creeped me out.

A while later these things popped up and I didn't know what they were until my cousin Tekerehi thought they were jelly fish. We panicked and my cousin jumped on her dad and I jumped on too but, it was just fish scales. We didn't know that until afterwards.
Soon we had to go back to our camping spot. After a while we had dinner. It was burgers, they were perfect.

It was getting to late so my mum said " Come on darling your sister's asleep" and I said " Oh" and so all of us went to sleep "Zzz".
When we woke up I just sat out side to wacth the sunrise.
That day it was time to go home back to Auckland. I was sad to leave but at the time really happy because of all the fun things we did with my cousins. I love camping and I cant wait to go back next summer.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


eThis term I want to learn about...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Funny Immersion Assembly

"Yeah volcanoes" I said to my friend . We went to the hall for an a Immersion Assembly . An a Immersion Assembly is when our teacher introduces our new topic, which this term was called Active Earth. Suddenly Mr Jacobson came inside the hall saying "Everyone calm down". As soon he finished it suddenly became quiet , Mr Jacobson had a backpack filled with gear . Not long after all of the teams had to do an item about Active Earth .

My highlight was team four and their fabulous performance . The host Maggie Magma with her vibrant yellow hair and her beautiful assistant Miss Lava lava and the contestants, Miss Cinders ,Miss lahar and Miss Bionic super sonic electronic In the game show called " Whose smarter than a ten year old " . When they answered questions they popped party poppers and sprayed party strings.

I also liked team Five when miss Tito played miss colarlava a smiler name to Miss Lavakula and Miss Nua acting to be Miss lady lava another smiler name to Lady Gaga , She said she would sing a song and she didn't that was a shame I was really looking forward to it I can't wait to learn more and more stuff about active earth.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


On Saturday about ten fifty after my sisters swimming I went to play tennis. Tennis is my favorite sport. At the tennis court my teacher was waiting for me and the rest of the class. When they came we started to do some exercising with the racket and the tennis ball. First we practised hitting the ball over the net starting at the baseline. It was pretty far but we did it. After a while it was over so we went back home and went to watch t.v. I cant wait till next Saturday for more tennis.

school camp

"Wow" I'm finally going to camp with my friends, and I cant wait till we do interesting things like Orienteering ,kayaking ,skating bowling and other stuff.My favorite part was kayaking and rock climbing. When we went kayaking Ashleigh fell over.I didn't even fall over and it was my first time to.My arms were tired later on.So I gave it to some one else . Suddenly we had to go back to school and practice are item . As soon as we went back to school it morning tea we had cookies and cake. After that we went to do orienteering . My partner was Ashleigh it was fun until we got lost . At the end of camp we went to summerier . When we came we had races I was in the freestyle race . I came second . I was puffing and panting when I came out of the pool it was time to play in the pool I cant wait till next camp.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Me as a bowling ball

Anxiously waiting at the bowling ale for somebody to pick me up. Suddenly I'm being lifted up in the air".Aha" I said to my self as i was rolled down the ale . Smash I hit the pins I wonder how it would fell like to be a bowling pin having just been bowled over by a bowling ball? I'm still dizzy from going down the ale in zig zags and hitting the pin down oh I fell someone lifting me up again "oh no" that was quick Here we go again.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Rematch

We were eagerly waiting for MissKing to say go. My heart was pumping.That's because it was time for a rematch of a game called Capture the Flag with room fourteen down at the bottom field.
Shoal, Rita and I were guarding the flag. It started to get boring because people from the other team were in the safe zone but they were arguing and not working together. We were getting frustrated and started to yell. Suddenly Josiah snuck out and won the try. I think we lost because we didn't have any strategies and we didn't have any team work.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Capture the Flag

On Friday in the last block we went to room 14 to play a game called capture the flag. When we got there Miss King precisely explained the rules before dividing us into teams. Room 14 was the green team and we were the red team. We had to use the Riverside Club bands. After that we went to the bottom field to play the game.
Miss Wood took us to our places. Suddenly Miss King said "Go." Ashleigh and I pretended to have swords like a real war. We were laughing when were running with our pretend swords.
After that I started to guard the flag. But while I was guarding I was getting hungry. Finally we had to go to class because it was nearly time to go home. It was a tremendous game for us. Next time I hope it is another tremendous game.
Capture the Flag is a tactical game but it is fun. I can't wait till next Friday so we can play the game Capture the Flag again.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to Room 15 Brooklyn.
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