Friday, November 29, 2013

Thank You!

WOW! I just can't believe that my time at P.t England School is almost coming to an end. I really love this school and all the people in it. I have meet new people and made heaps of friends. First of all I would like to say a HUGE  thank you to Mr Burt and Mrs Burt. These two people have tried to make this school  more productive and have tried to improve our students academic records. I would also like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of my teachers who have taught me through all my years at P.t England. They along the way have help me to go on the right path and have help me to get where I am now. So again a BIG thank you to all of my teachers. I will truly miss you next year.

Now to all of my friends, I have grown to love each and everyone of you, I could almost say that you are my family. Each of you have your own personality and I know some of us are going to different collages but I hope we all keep in touch. Thank you for sticking up for me during those tough times and thank you for helping me when I need you guys. I wish all of you good luck and I hope you will have fun during your way through life.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Balloon Thrust Investigation.

The extension group did some research about thrust. Our investigation consisted of a balloon, straw,tape and a string. The room was full of laughter and disappointing sighs. The three pictures below show our predictions, findings and changes we made during this time. We all had three chances to try and improve our balloon thrust.

Outlook For Someday

The year 7 and 8's as well as a few others had the opportunity to work with two people to come and teach us more about the Outlook For Someday. There names were Chris and Ilia. They taught us about society, economy, environment and culture.

The first activity was to find out the differences between sustainability, economy, society and environment. After we split into groups we got handed a puzzle which we had to figure out. The puzzle has pictures about sustainability, economy, society and environment. We all finished at about the same time. So we quickly moved onto the next activity.

Our next activity was to make a short movie about ether sustainability, economy, society and environment. My group chose to make a short movie revolving around the environment. Our Plan was to make an instruction video of how to look after the environment. I played as a bird while Jasmine and Vivienne were the hosts of the show. Shoal was also the camera person/actor.

Making the movie was really quite funny. Since I was the bird I made it difficult because I really didn't wan't to be in the first place. Below is the movie that my group and I had made. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Brooklyn Maths

1. Trevor has to drive 422 km’s. He looks at his odometer and sees he has gone 289 kms. How much further has he got to go?

289 + ? = 422
289 + 11 = 300
300 + 122 = 422
11 + 122 = 133

2. The shop is selling jandals for $9 a pair.  They have sold $486 worth of jandals so far. How many pairs have they sold?

9 x 50 = 450
9 x 4 = 36
50 + 4 = 54

3. Sam was giving away some of his marbles. He has 96 altogether. He said to his friend Ben, “You can choose to have  ¼  of them all or ⅔   of ½ of them.” Which should Ben choose?

96 1/2 = 48
1/4 of 48
4 x 10 = 40
4 x 2 = 8
4 divided by 48 = 12 x 1 = 12
2/3 of 48
3 x 10 = 30
3 x 6 = 18
3 divided by 48 = 16 x 2 = 32

4. The A Softball team has scored 72 goals over the season so far. The is 6 times more than what the B Softball team has scored. How many goals has the B team scored in the season so far?

72 x 6 =
70 x 6 = 420
2 x 6 =12
420 + 12 = 432

5. 7 of the class are not going on camp. The ¾ of the class are. How many are in the class altogether

7 x 4 = 28
7 x 3 = 21
28 + 21 = 49

6. There are  8 boxes. Each box has 25 apples in it. How many apples are there altogether?

25 x 8 =
8 x 20 = 160
8 x 8 = 64
160 + 64 = 224

7. There are 24 classes at school. ⅜  of them are Year 1 or 2 teams. How many is this?

3/8 of 24 = 9
24 divided by 8 = 3
1/8 = 3
3/8 = 9

8. In the hop, skip and jump (Triple Jump) the record for  men is 18.29m whereas the record for women is 15.5m. How much longer is the men’s record than the women’s.

15.5 + .5 = 16
16 + 2 = 18
18. + .29 = 18.29
.95 + .29 = 3.24
3.24 + 2 = 5.24

9.There is a bottle of juice on the table that holds 3.5litres. Ana pours out a cup of juice that is .895ml. How much juice is left?

.895 + ? = 3.5
.895 + .105 = 1 + 2.5 = 3.5
2.5 + .105 = 2.605

10. The school has been donated packets of felt pens to share out evenly between the 22 classes. How many feltpen packets does each class get if they got given 308 packets?

308 divided by 22.
22 x ? = 308
22 x 10 = 220 r 88
22 x 4 = 88
10 + 4 =14

11. Tiana saved the same amount each week after 16 weeks she had saved $96. How much money had she saved after 6 weeks?

16 = 96
8 = 48
6 = 42

Louisa gets 37/40 for her test. What percentage did she get correct?
40 = 100%

37 = 92.5 %
30 = 90%
20 = 50%
4 = 10 %

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Brooklyn and Roezala's Maths Strategy

1. The world record for throwing a cellphone in 2012 was 102.68 metres. James attempted to beat the record but only managed to throw 97.89m. How much was he short by?
97.89 + ?= 102.68
97.89+ .11 = 98.0
98+ 4.68 = 102.68
.11 + 4.68 = 4.79

2. Teams are allowed up to 14 players in the touch competition. If there are 168 players altogether how many teams are there?

14x 10=140
28 divided by 4= 2
10+2 = 12

3. Tiaki is fixing part of his fence. The pickets he needs are .68m long each. How many metres of timber does he need to cut up 45 pickets?
0.68 x 45 =

0.68 x 20 = 13.6

0.68 x 20 = 13.6
0.68 x 5 = 3.4
27.2 + 3.4 = 30.6

4. Sammie measured the distance from his bedroom door to the lounge and it was 5.2m.  It was an extra 2.9 to the couch. What was the total distance from his bedroom to the couch?
5.2m +2.9 =?
5.2+. 9= 6.1
6.1+ 2= 8.1

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Friends

“We are best friends remember that every time you fall,I will pick you up...after I finish laughing :)”. My friends and I really like this quote because it reminds us of when one of us either falls or falls over. We are a very talkative bunch who enjoy hanging out and having fun. If in one word I could describe my friends it would be unique.

My best friend Ashleigh, I have known her all my life even in kindergarten we were best friends. From then till when we go of to college I hope we will still stay in touch. Ashleigh is a really funny character who will always stick up for her friends and is very smart.

Makerita, 6-7 years I have known her. Rita is very smart and likes to smile alot. Rita out of the group is the mature yet immature person in our group. She likes to play outside but also likes to just kick back and relax sometimes.

Shoal, is a very funny girl who likes food and enjoys watching the newest songs and videos on youtube. She is very kick back and likes to play touch. Shoal is very interesting and also has the most funniest stories.

Hueloata, She is the youngest one in our group, she tells funny jokes and has a really funny laugh. She is very active and likes to play outside on the field. Hueloata and I are really close friends and have the same amount of randomness.

Vivienne, is a smart intelligent girl who is kind and funny. She likes to kick back and is a really good dancer. I meet her to hangout with friends and enjoys being a photographer and videographer. I think she will be very successful when she grows up.

Those are all five of my friends we are very close and we sometimes pretend that we're family. I hope you got an idea of what my friends are like and enjoyed reading my post.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Sample Narrative - Forrest

Running away from home I end up at the edge of the forbidden forest. Do I go in? I thought to myself. Mum and I had just got into an argument about moving again. Every year she says this is the place yet every year we move. It’s just not fair! When we arrived she gave me strict instructions to not go into the forbidden forest. So this was the best chance to go check it out.

Walking in I see lush native greenery. “This is a pretty cool place” I said to myself. I keep walking and arrive at a picnic table placed in the middle of the forest I look a little closer and it said on a plaque “To my sister Charity”. I sit down wondering who Charsity is? Walking home it started to precipitate.  Its starts to rain so I run home and ask my parents who Charsity is like they would have any idea, but to my surprise they said that the real estate told them about her. She had sadly vanished one day in the woods.... To be continued.

One Direction!

One direction is an English-Irish pop boy band which consists of Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayne Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. They first auditioned for x factor separately but sadly got eliminated. They got put together as a group just after the judges decided that they couldn’t send them home. After x factor they stayed together and signed together with Simon Cowell’s record label Syco Records. Their first song “what makes you beautiful” and “live while we’re young” became topped the charts in 2011 and 2012. The group has sold 19 million singles and 10 million albums according to the band’s management company. One direction is overall a great band who has stolen the hearts of millions of girls around the world.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Origins

The extension group have recently been researching more about the origins of Halloween. First we shared some ideas of what we thought halloween was all about. At first I thought halloween was about dressing up in scary costumes, celebrating the dead and also eating loads of lollies. But I was wrong there is a lot more information to halloween.

This is what we found out. We started of with the celtic calendar. The celtic calendar has a light side and a dark side. Samhain (Sel-win) is also called the Harvest festival. During the harvest festival the days go shorter and the nights are longer. Permeable is when the after life can come in to the living world and we can come into there world as well. When the celtic tribes come together they would light up a bonfire to welcome the new year.

All saints day also known as Lemuria was originally placed on the 13th of may but changed to the 1st of November. Lemuria was also a day that the Romans thought the dead would rise so to prevent this they would poured roman milk over them. This date was moved so they could drain out the life of halloween. But just to be sure the Christian's made the 2nd of November all souls day. 

On all souls day people go knocking on doors and beg for soul cakes and in exchange they will give prayers to the people in Purgatory. Purgatory is a place between heaven and hell. What did you think Halloween was all about?