Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tennis On The 23rd

On Saturday the 23 rd of March I went down to the Mt Wellington tennis club. Arriving there I see heaps of people some in wheelchairs. The reason that there was people with disabilities there was because I think they wanted to show that just because their in wheelchairs that they can play tennis and other sports.  

Walking over to my cousin we start to walk around the courts . My cousin and I start to see more people arriving. The kids weren't aloud to play on two of the courts because the adults were playing games. “Do you want to play on the mini courts?” Lyric who is one of my friends at tennis.

“Ring ring”. Suddenly you hear a bell that almost sounds like the one at school. “Smells like the barbecue is ready” I said to my sister. All the kids walk over to where all the food was. On the tables we had steak sausages and heaps of food.

I sit with my cousins and friends with our plates on the ground. We start talking about random things. After a huge feed we all went on the mini courts and had mini competitions. Surprisingly it was really hard.

Inter club was starting now my sister was in it. My games have already ended so its just her and everybody in her group. Sadly she lost but it was a really fun day. After the busy day we all went home glad that we made it through.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Auckland's Recent Earthquakes

Yesterday two earthquake's hit Motutapu. 4:01pm was when the first one hit. On the rector scale it was 3.1, and was 6km deep. The second earthquake was at 4:05 the magnitude was 3.9 and was 6km deep. You could feel the earthquake in Glen Innes. The picture above shows where two of my friends and I were when the event occurred. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stormy Day Narrative

Hearing a loud crashing  sound outside my window, I rushed outside to see what had happened. To my surprise I saw that a seagull had smashed onto the glass. Struggling to walk out onto the sand, I could feel the wind pushing against me. The “roar” of it and the waves pounding the shore is all I can hear.

I turned my head to look back at my house, I saw that it was covered in a thick foggy blanket. Suddenly I heard a crack, a tree fell right beside me. The vibrations of the tree when it hit ground, caused me to fall over and run back into the house like a wuss.

With my hands on my mothers shoulders I shook her vigorously trying to wake her up. “WAKE UP!” I yelled in my mothers face surprisingly the howling wind hadn't woken her up already. I looked back outside and saw that a dog was being swallowed by a big blue wave. I ran to try get him back. Stupidly I swam to him and tried to pull him ashore.

It didn't work I was stuck in the rip! Up in the air the dog flew onto the beach. I had thrown him so he wasn't dead wait. I felt like I was being pulled out to sea. The more I started to drift off the more it felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest.

Suddenly the current stopped. I couldn't believe it I was so scared. The mist was all around me. Am I dead? I thought to myself. No I couldn't my heart was still pounding. I panicked and started kicking I hurt my foot as I felt a rock scrap against it. I could feel the blood oozing out of my foot.  It looked disgusting.

The mist started to clear up I was so scared and happy at the same time. I wanted to know where I was. I was so stupid. All that panicking for nothing. 10 meters from the shore was all that there was.

The storm had finally cleared up. Tree debris was everywhere it looked like a mini tornado had hit. I ran inside the house everything was as it was before.”What!” mum was still sleeping! what had happened here?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Goals

This movie was made by my friend Makerita and me this movie is about our 2013 goals. Keep your fingers crossed. Please watch and enjoy. Don't forget to comment.

Independent Writing

Brooklyn Independent Writing from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is a movie that I made. I got the Idea from reading The Black Enigma it is a pretty cool book. The actors in this movie are Makerita, Ashleigh and Kendrix. The people behind the camera were James T and me. Please watch and post your feedback.