Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Sorry note to christchurch

Dear Christchurch,
On behalf of Pt England School, we hope that you all find your way through this time of trouble. Your feelings of sadness and worry has made us think, what if we were you, how would we know that people knew where we were and if we were okay?We all wish you are okay.

We all feel helpless, and this is just a bit of our love and care to give to you. We hope that this will lift your hearts even the tiniest bit we also hope it will give you comfort,support and motivation to keep on going.We also hope that you find all your loved ones.

Yours sincerely Yr 5 and 6 extension group Chante,Shoal,Brooklyn and Kaycee from Pt England School Auckland,New Zealand.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The seed

In a book named The Seed there were two tribes the Chafer tribe and the scarab tribe. One day a cherry seed dropped from the sky. and it landed right on the boarder line. The Scarab and Chafer tried to take the seed and drag it to their side but it just wouldn't budge because the other tribe was doing the same at the same time. That meant war said one of the tribes kings. They spent years of preparing and making armor. When they were ready for war they where distracted because the seed was gone. it had buried it self under ground and grown in to a cherry tree. the trunk was on the boarder line but the brunches were on both sides of the territory.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Netbooks

At anytime and anyplace in GI we can use our new netbooks , other wise we will be disconnected to the Internet.We have our net books so we can be ready for the future,because we never know when we will need to use these skills that we are practising to do now.

Room 17 were sitting on the mat listing to the clear instructions that Mrs Burt gave us on how to un- box our new net books.
We also had a serial number. With antictipation we waited for Mrs Burt to tell us too press the ON BUTTON.

It is amazing when all our students look and feel energised when they do school in their own time like lunch, interval and even in the morning when you walk into class and see just about every one on their netbooks. When I get ready for school I feel so energised because we get to work on our net books.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Holiday Highlight(My Birthday)

“Arrghh”! I yelled as I woke up in a bed fulled of balloons well to me it was like a pool of it. One more thing right in front of my face huge word on a piece of paper were saying happy birthday.Just after I read those words I got out of bed and I started to wake my sister up and also she was surprised but just before I was going to say with glee two of the balloons popped and made a loud sound which woke up my dad and he is a very deep sleeper.

During midday we went out to St Luke's to get my present,my dad brought me a camera it was so cool I took heaps of photos that morning. After that we went to the dairy and brought 5 chocolate lamination's and heaps of lollies for my cake we named it The Monster Slash Caterpillar type thingy, with the lollies we made it like Godzilla, with the airplane's it was chucked on, some Landed on its sour tongue which was surprisingly yummy.

The most exciting activity was clip and climb which was amazingly fun because I had to go down the vertical slide it was scary, when I had to drop I didn’t really want to and then. “Arrgh” I said as my guts felt like they were on my head. “Few that was scary” I told my dad.

Later on we had to go home and finally eat the monster slash Caterpillar type thingy (my cake). It delicious. At about quarter two five we went out to the park for like an hour and then we had to go home.

That was the most exciting day of my life, so far. I cant what for next year or my sisters birthday we might be going Ice skating. I like ice skating too.