Monday, December 17, 2012

Prize Giving 2012

 Nervously walking up to the stage to collect my prize I felt hot. Last Thursday our school had our annual Prize Giving. I was lucky enough to get a certificate, for citizenship and a prefect badge that's me in the picture with the other prefects the new and the old. I was quite surprised when Mr Burt called my name out for prefect. I think my mum was also surprised to. I cant wait till next year. Prize Giving was awesome!

Friday, December 14, 2012

My Friends For Ever

Friends, my friends are one of a kind and when some of them leave for next year then the rest of us will miss them so. I know when I grow up I will have some friends but you will never have the ones that you do your when your younger, gosh who does!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


12.12.12 is today's date it's one of a kind and will never happen again. Some people think its suspicious do you? I don't. I reckon some people might just think that it's the end of the world or something but that's just a load of rubbish. I have some friends who are 12 who think its pretty cool and to be honest I don't really care.  

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Future Career...

Hopefully my future career will end up with me making movies of my own and taking photos of cool scenery. I chose that as my future career because I love taking photos and making movies at school. I guess its just a hobby of mine but I really enjoy it, and it would be an awesome job. 

Being a videographer is a dream of mine. I started to think about making movies  not so long ago because I have and had alot of opportunities in school  to help teachers film movies for their class. And last term Mr Munic a guy who came to our school to teach kids tips of using the camera.

To get to this dream of mine I have to work harder and put my hand up for more opportunities around school. The person I look up to for making movies is Peter Jackson. I know I won’t make that great a movie but I guess I can always try and put some of my stories that I made up.

Athletics At Lloyd Elsmore park

Arriving at school at 7:30 playing with my friends inside the hall ready to go on the bus .Going on the bus with some of my friends heading off to athletics we all sat there talking to each other with anticipation. Today was annual school athletics for the year 7 and 8's. We all headed off to Lloyd Elsmore Park.

We arrived inside the park and followed Mr Barks to where we had to sit down and relax until the events started. First was the 1500 meters sadly no one qualified for that so then we missed out on that race. My friend Huelo-ata had high jump and I had shot put I would have watched but I didn't notice that she had already went.

A while later it was my turn to do my activity, I had shot put. I quickly ran with Zion down to the shot put pit we both sat down next to other girls.Mr Manson was running shot put for the girls he told us all the rules and that we had three shots each.

Zion and I were waiting for our names to be called then suddenly Zion's name was called. Me and the other girls from different schools cheered her on. After Zion it was me, I stood up ready to throw. I did my styles for running up and then pushed it away from my neck.

With my amazement with each throw I had it went pretty far. My last throw was the best yet putting me in first place. I was so proud of myself  but I didn't show it.When I went back to Mrs Vafusuanga I told her that I came first and she was so happy. The length of  my biggest throw was 8.13. After everyone had their sports done we went home in a bus felling awesome.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Athletics 2012

Today was Athletics Day and the field was scattered with sports equipment. When I arrived to school everyone was wearing their team colours. My team is Matatua a.k.a green. Javelin was our first activity, I was soon to have my turn. I was really excited but nervous at the same time. “Brooklyn, you're up” Mr Barks said to me. As I nervously walked up to take my turn, I grabbed the javelin stick and through it as far as I could. Unfortunately it didn’t stick to the ground but it was a very good throw.

I was quite disappointed in myself but I knew what I did wrong, every time we let go of the Javelin we were supposed to flick our hand so it would land diagonally. We all got reminded to flick our hands because that's the main reason hardly anyone got placing. Luckily my friend Huelo- ata came 2nd.

Our next activity was  softball throw so that meant it was pretty simple to do. When I through mine I became second place one ahead of my friend Huelo-ata. All the kids that got a place had to go to Mrs Clark and tell her the order of the placings.

Next was discus I was kind of freaking out because our class didn’t practise it. But when it was my turn I did pretty well coming 3rd but then getting put down to 4th. I think to do better I have to practise more. Huelo-ata did pretty well but sadly she didn't come in any place.

After discus it was morning tea we didn't do much then but as we started to do our activities it all started to get interesting. Sooner or later the day had to end but the last activity was relays. Parents vs kids and Teachers vs kids. They were all great but when the clock stroke three we all went home in a good mood.