Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion assembly

When I went to school on the first day of term 3 I wondered to my self “ What is are topic for this term “? So then we all went inside the hall for our Immersion assembly and i saw Mr Barks wearing a red beard which looked really funny on him. Before long I heard mr Burt saying “ Tena Koutou tamariki ma “ assembly has began .

After that Mr Burt showed us what our topic is this term and it was Mighty Mariners I had know idea what that meant until we saw the items from team one to five teachers. My favourite team was team 5because Miss Tito, as Jessica Watson a sixteen year old from Australia, the youngest to travel around the world solo on a yacht for me that is amazing.

My second favourite was team four with Miss King dressed up as a pirate looking for Johnny Depp ( Miss Tele’a ) it was funny after that I felt amazed because It was interesting but funny. I wonder what the topic will be next term.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bike safety

"Yeah its finally the day to ride bikes" I said to my self. Well not actually it was just to learn about bike safety ,which was fun to. We had coaches from a group called Bigfoot Adventures and there names were Tony and Adrian .

Room fifteen were listening attentively as Tony and Adrian told us about the safety precautions . Tony also explained to us what a bike was in good working order .He said that a carefully adjusted helmet was correct safety equipment along with brightly coloured clothing and correct foot wear . Room fifteen were listing to Tony because he was telling us what we were doing next so he said " We are about to do some races but it is a different kind of race , you have to go slow and you cant touch the ground and you have to go straight or you are out at the end of the race I came 5Th or something like that .

Before long Tony said "Now we are crossing over to the hand-signaling course . Suddenly I felt nervous because I thought it was hard but Tony said" look over here and I will tell you what to do". So he showed us how to do the hand-signaling ( Indicating ) . Then we had a go are selves when it was my turn I found out I was mistaken about it being hard. Well it was pretty tricky riding with one hand but I got the hang of it later on Because I didn't really focus and I needed to because it was still a bit challenging. When we were finished I felt awesome.