Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Very Sunny Day In Whangarei..............

(This is my cousins, my sister and me dressing up)    

One very sunny day in Whangarei we went looking for Scollaps in my cousins boat (but we ended up getting heaps of Pipps) So we went to Urquarts Bay and we went on a little sand bit in the middle of the sea. While my cousins and sister were looking for shellfish me and my uncle went snorkling and we saw lots of stingrays I was really scared that I couldn't let go of my uncles arm. After that all of us wanted to go back home we also had a kayak and we tied the kayak on a piece of string connected onto the boat also my counsin and I and her brother went on the kayak. Well My counsins brother was hanging on the end trying to make us steady. Then we were off. As we looked back to check on my cousins brother we could see that heaps of water have been splashing on to him. While we were nearly to the shore we capsized luckly we had life jackets the boat was turning around and on my counsins life jacket there was a whistle for if your in trouble. Except the whistle wasen't working (until her brother blew into it)! Also the boat didn't come to us so we had to swim back it was soo cold!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Here We Come

   10,9,8....... As we start counting down on New Years Eve we start saying good bye to 2011 and saying hello to 2012. The kids with there fizzy drinks and the parents with a wine in there hand. We all say cheers while the fireworks begin. After that the kids are so tried that as soon as they lie down to go to sleep there out like a light fast asleep dreaming of what awaits them for tomorrow. When we wake up there is another celebration it is my cousin roimata's birthday ( Bye the way she's turning eight). When we all hand in her presents she say Thank you everybody and have a happy New year. Also she got a I pod touch for her birthday.