Friday, May 31, 2013

What Is Diabetes? By Rita ,Gabriel and Me

Diabetes is a disorder where glucose (sugar) cannot enter the body’s cells because the pancreas doesn't make enough insulin. The insulin acts like a key so the carbohydrates can enter the cells. There are two different types of diabetes type 1 and type 2. Type 1 means that the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin. Glucose then builds up in the body which makes you fatigued or tired. Type 2 means the pancreas makes insulin but it doesn’t work properly. Sometimes if untreated, you may experience a different variety of disabilities.

It starts in the stomach. All the food gets divided into 3 groups, carbohydrates, protein and fat . The carbohydrates break down to starches and glucose, which enter the bloodstream. While they’re travelling through the bloodstream, the pancreas then produces insulin. The insulin acts like keys so the glucose can enter the muscle and fat cells. This gives energy to the body.  

The consequences and the effects to having diabetes can be very severe. Things like blindness, tiredness, and lack of urine affect your body. To make it even worse, if you've been living with it for quite a while, as in years, you will quite possibly die from a sudden heart attack, stroke or even kidney failure. Having diabetes makes your life become more of a hassle.

There aren't many solutions to having diabetes. Instead, people try to reduce the effects of diabetes by oral medication from their doctor. The easiest way to monitor type 2 diabetes is to exercise. Running around the basin, bike rides, or any fitness is the key. Unfortunately type 1 diabetes can only be reduced by getting an insulin shots from your doctor.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Narrative Paragraph

Running through the forest further and further away from the alliance training camp a group of  friends end up in a misty clearing with twelve strange rocks placed in a circle. “What is this all about Sue?”, said Roimata. Roimata was Sue’s annoying little sister. “ I really don’t know but let’s sleep here for the night okay”, She replied.  “This doesn't feel right”,  Ashliegh yelled out to the others.  Ashliegh was Sue’s friend which they met at the training camp. Lying down ready to go the to sleep the girls hear strange whispers coming from the bushes. “What was that?”, Roimata said jumping up in fright. They huddled together in a circle looking around for any unusual activity then suddenly.....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

School Holidays

The holidays. A two week break from school. On the first week of the school holidays my cousins from Whangarei were supposed to come down, but they had different plans. So the first week was all about relaxing and cleaning.

The second week came along and my sister and I had to go down to our nanas house in Pukekohe.  When we arrived we walked into our bedroom and saw that our cousins were sitting on the bed. We gave each other big and cuddly hugs. Then we played with the jigsaw puzzle and walked around the house. It was nearly time for tea so we went back inside, had a shower, and sat at the table ready for dinner. After dinner we retired up to our beds. Apparently I was knocked out when I landed right onto my bed. But I was really tired though.

There was one really funny day when we went to the park. We played tag through the playground. When we got tired we would sit on a big round spinning thing. My cousin AJ and my nana went into the car. But my sister had yelled out well im not coming so they just drove off with out us. We started to run across the field yelling out "hey wait up" they never stopped but it was alright because the Pake 'n' save was right next to the park. Like literately across the road and that was where they were heading.

The week went so fast but on the last day we had a very long drive down to Tikiwiti to drop off my cousins. The last week was over and it was time to go back to school. So overall my holiday was alright I got spend time with my cousins and a little time at home.

Makerita buddy read my post above.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

P.S.I Pt England School Investigates. That is the theme for this term. At the beginning of each term we have an Immersion assembly.  For those of you who don't know what an Immersion assembly is then it is when all the teacher from each team go up on stage and explain, in whatever way to there team and the whole school on what they're learning about.

First up was team 1 it started off with an amusing video of the pink panther and then ended with the team one teachers on stage trying to measure out a picture of the pink panther with a ruler spoons and so on. And if you haven’t noticed they're learning about measurements.  

Next was team 2 had Mrs She and Mrs Blake they were just investigating well almost anything. Next was team 3 they showed us how to make a balloon scream! They tried a couple of times but when they got a 8 or 6 sided nut bolt and put it in it worked.

The two last teams were team 4 and team 5. Team four had a little competition about Antarctica so I guess they are investigating about different countries. Now team five was my favourite it had the team 5 teachers up on the stage and they were doing there own version of MKR (My Kitchen Rules) but they called it my healthy kitchen rules MHKR. Mrs Nua was Pete and Ms King was Manu. Their competition was to make the healthiest meal. The competitor that I liked was Mrs Langitupu she said one line that just cracked most of P.T England Up the line was “I’m making it for my ten husband and 3 children”.

That was so funny anyway this term still goes on and I can’t wait for what the teachers  decide on what next terms topic is.

Friday, May 10, 2013

An Epic Day At Pt England School

Waiting outside the breeze with Makerita, Darius, Crusader. We were waiting for a very special guest our job was to meet and greet. I was so excited to see who it was, Makerita came running to me and said that it was "Will.I.Am"! "AAHH" I said in excitement. He was giving a huge donation to the manaiakalani education trust.  All of us shook his hand and walked him down the hall.

Gasps from the students was all you could hear. I show him his seats and go into the music room the Kapahaka group were ready to go on stage I take of my school jacket and slide into the line. Walking up onto the steps I was ready to perform. We were reciting our group performance from our 2013 fiafia.
We walked off the stage and went to go sit down at the back. Vivienne had now introduced the hip hop senior group.

After the hip hop seniors performance Will.I.Am went up did a little speech.  He started to talk about his dream it was to take care of his mum and was to be a great musician. He also had a few tips to tell the yr 8 students he said to choose your friends carefully. They can ether  help you to get through school or they can hold you back.

After his speech the check of 100 000 rolled on up with his signature. A quick picture was taking with our principle. And then it was Pat Sneeden's turn to make a speech. After the assembly all the kids went back to there classes while the media took snap snapshots and answers some questions. 

That night on the radio I heard some of the prefects and I on the ZM radio station. Hearing my voice on radio was awesome. We were also on one news which was really really cool. A special thank you to and all his sponsors for giving $100 000 to go towards the manaiakalani education trust.