Wednesday, April 28, 2010


eThis term I want to learn about...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Funny Immersion Assembly

"Yeah volcanoes" I said to my friend . We went to the hall for an a Immersion Assembly . An a Immersion Assembly is when our teacher introduces our new topic, which this term was called Active Earth. Suddenly Mr Jacobson came inside the hall saying "Everyone calm down". As soon he finished it suddenly became quiet , Mr Jacobson had a backpack filled with gear . Not long after all of the teams had to do an item about Active Earth .

My highlight was team four and their fabulous performance . The host Maggie Magma with her vibrant yellow hair and her beautiful assistant Miss Lava lava and the contestants, Miss Cinders ,Miss lahar and Miss Bionic super sonic electronic In the game show called " Whose smarter than a ten year old " . When they answered questions they popped party poppers and sprayed party strings.

I also liked team Five when miss Tito played miss colarlava a smiler name to Miss Lavakula and Miss Nua acting to be Miss lady lava another smiler name to Lady Gaga , She said she would sing a song and she didn't that was a shame I was really looking forward to it I can't wait to learn more and more stuff about active earth.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


On Saturday about ten fifty after my sisters swimming I went to play tennis. Tennis is my favorite sport. At the tennis court my teacher was waiting for me and the rest of the class. When they came we started to do some exercising with the racket and the tennis ball. First we practised hitting the ball over the net starting at the baseline. It was pretty far but we did it. After a while it was over so we went back home and went to watch t.v. I cant wait till next Saturday for more tennis.

school camp

"Wow" I'm finally going to camp with my friends, and I cant wait till we do interesting things like Orienteering ,kayaking ,skating bowling and other stuff.My favorite part was kayaking and rock climbing. When we went kayaking Ashleigh fell over.I didn't even fall over and it was my first time to.My arms were tired later on.So I gave it to some one else . Suddenly we had to go back to school and practice are item . As soon as we went back to school it morning tea we had cookies and cake. After that we went to do orienteering . My partner was Ashleigh it was fun until we got lost . At the end of camp we went to summerier . When we came we had races I was in the freestyle race . I came second . I was puffing and panting when I came out of the pool it was time to play in the pool I cant wait till next camp.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Me as a bowling ball

Anxiously waiting at the bowling ale for somebody to pick me up. Suddenly I'm being lifted up in the air".Aha" I said to my self as i was rolled down the ale . Smash I hit the pins I wonder how it would fell like to be a bowling pin having just been bowled over by a bowling ball? I'm still dizzy from going down the ale in zig zags and hitting the pin down oh I fell someone lifting me up again "oh no" that was quick Here we go again.