Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taonga Time

Every Friday everybody in the intermediate block switch classes to do different projects with different teachers. I am with Mrs Tele’a. The project we have do is time laps. “Do you know what time lapse is Shoal?” I asked her “ Yep well kind of” she replied.

Shoal wasn’t here last week so I told her what we had to do. We had to time lapse one of Robyn Kahukiwa pictures. I chose to time lapse Hine. The picture is of a maori woman's face, the most difficult thing for me to draw was her moko. Shoal chose to do Upoko Whero.

Time lapse is kind of like tracing except you draw line by line making different cards. It takes a while to do the outline but when we finish we start on the shading and colouring.

When I started the shading and colouring it's harder than it seems, you have to try and get the right colour and shading throughout the whole picture. Mrs Tele’a told us to use the spray can because it helps you with the detail, and it did!

An hour later we have to leave. I really like toanga time because its fun and I get to learn different things each week. I can’t wait till next Friday for the next session.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Technology At Tamaki College

Every Tuesday morning, the year 7's walk down to Tamaki Collage for tech. When we arrive we head off to the class we are assinged to go.
For the year 7's there are 3 different activities. They're Electronics, Hard Materials (wood work) and last but not least Food. For the last couple of weeks I have been going to food but recently we have switched to another category. Food went to Electronics. Electronics went to Hard materials and Hard materials went to Food.

When we arrived at EP1 which is the electronics class we put down all the chairs and sit down. The first thing that I noticed was that it smelt like a YMCA. After that Mr Maholtra told us to introduce ourselves by saying what our first names our, if we have any brothers and sisters in TC (tamaki college)we also had to say what we would like to learn at electronics. I said “that over the years I would like to learn to make a laptop”.

When the whole class had finished introduced themselves we all had to write down 10 rules and sign. We also had a 5 minute break. When that was over Mr Maholtra showed us some games that he made and all the parts to it.

I learnt alot that day and even though we mostly sat down it was really fun and we also got to see all of Mr Malhotra's creations. I can't wait till next Tuesday when we use soldering irons.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brooklyn Compare and Contrast Picasso's 'The Weeping Woman' and and Daniella Hulmes 'A lazy day in paradise'.

This is the second time room 21 have been required to compare and contrast two different paintings from two different famous artists. One of the artists is Pablo Picasso and the painting that we’re observing is ‘The Weeping Woman’. The other famous artist is Daniella Hulme. The painting we’re using is ‘A Lazy Day In Paradise’.

In the ‘The Weeping Woman’ I can see that Picasso used a large amount of lines, shapes, patterns and angles. The colour he mostly used was a faded yellow throughout his painting. He also used green and orange. Picasso’s style of painting is Cubism.

When I look at ‘A lazy day in paradise’ I notice that Daniella Hulme has used vibrant, bright, bold colours. Since she is married to a samoan man her inspiration for all the paintings she does is involved with Pasifika. Also Daniella’s style of painting is Modern Art.

They (Picasso and Hulme) don’t have a lot in common because the ‘The Weeping Woman’ has faded colours and has a sad feeling to it. But in ‘A Lazy Day In Paradise’ it has bright bold colours.

Although Daniella Hulme is not as famous as Picasso she is a very very good artist. If I had to choose one that I really liked, I would pick ‘A lazy day in paradise’. I chose ‘A lazy day in paradise’ because it has a fun and also relaxed feeling to it

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Comparing and Contrasting

Room 21 were required to look at the differences and similarities between two paintings. Those paintings are ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh and ‘La Musique’ by Henri Matisse. Van Gogh uses Expressionism as his style of painting, while on the other hand Henri Matisse, a french artist, uses Fauvism which means ‘wild beast’.   

When I look at Vincent Van Gogh’s painting of the sunflowers I notice that he mostly uses brown and yellow for his drooping sunflowers. You can also see that he has used small strokes making a special effect.

Henri Matisse’s La Musique has bright bold colours that you will enjoy. You can see that Henri Matisse used different shapes and sizes. He also used different brush strokes.

I think that these two painting don’t have much in common, Because the sunflowers are dull and droopy. I also feel like when Vincent Van Gogh was painting his picture he was actually painting what he felt. But on the La Musique painting it’s a whole different picture. La Musique has bright playful colours and everything is happy and filled with nature.

These famous artist are really cool and even if some of their paintings don’t have much in common we should still respect what they have done and what they are interested in.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Part 2 Of Entering A New Country

About two movies later the pilot said “ Ladies and gentlemen we are about to land on behalf of the air new zealand crew we hope you have enjoyed your flight”. When we got out of the plane we were thinking so since we're in Hong Kong how do we get out of here!!

While walking around tring to find an exit sign or something we saw the outside and cars that looked like taxis, so we walked out and a man said so we are we heading to? My Mum said “ Prince Hotel in the city”. The man showed us to the taxi and told the driver where we were going. In the taxi was a T.V I tried playing with it and then it burst out with a song in Cantonese.

After that interesting drive to the city we made it to the hotel. I was sure we were going to crash because the drive kept on yawning and doing that noise were you put one finger in your ear and you wiggle it and you're also tring to cough something up,  man I hate that. I was so glad when we arrived. The hotel was so beautiful and my mum upgraded our room and added breakfast to it.

We got our key to our room and me and my sister ran to the elevator pressed the level that our room was on. As soon as we got on the 15th floor me and my sister ran to find the room. Mum opened the door and it was so........ beautiful even if it was just a little small. Straight away we went to sleep. But sooner or later we had to wake up, and when we did it was morning.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Mihi

Room 21 had a task. The task was to make a Mihi of them selves. Here is mine. I hope you enjoy it.

Part 1 Entering A New Country

One day in the school holidays my mother surprised me and my sister. She said “we will be going to Hong Kong”. We were in Rarotonga at that time but we were heading back to New Zealand.

We spent one night in Auckland and the next day we were out like flies. Rushing and speeding out of here trying to go to the airport. When we arrived we all said bye to our papa who dropped us off. In the airport we had to go fast because we were running late.

Luckily we made it in time for everyone to board. My mum said that “It would be a long flight and I would like you to have a little sleep” I said “okay”. I watched a lot of movies, maybe even six. But I still needed to go to sleep so I did.

During my very uncomfortable sleep I was awakened by the sound of the co pilot saying “hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your co pilot speaking, dinner will be served soon”. After that not so very yummy meal, the co pilot finally said we will be landing soon.