Thursday, March 31, 2011


We read story called " FleaBus"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The Greek word Hieroglyphics is hard to pronounce even hard to spell ,it has to represent a word a salable or sound. It is made out of two Greek words. Hieroglyphics is a kind of sacred carving or a familiar object.The name Marks is mostly found in a temples or a palace's in Egypt. These buildings were built thousands of years ago, but they are still standing today.

Why Do Babies Need More Sleep Than Grown Ups?

The smaller the baby the more sleep they need. Babies require more sleep than adults.

All babies grow when they are sleeping. Young kids only need more sleep than babies, but less sleep than adults.Babies do little as sleep and eat.

While adults are sleeping the worn cells are repaired.Adults need sleep because they have a period of rest.So they are ready for work the next day.

The bodies of grown ups only need food for energy,but smaller bodies need food for bones and muscle also for energy. They need all of that food because they do a lot of running. Until the reach of age goes to 1-2 years.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Were The Spartans

The Spartans lived in town in ancient grease, which was called Sparta. The Spartans were known for there love of freedom,honesty and courage.

No luxury for the boys at the age of 7, they got taken away from there family's, and only trained for war. To do that they had to grow there hair long, when they grew older they became police men or soldiers.

The soldiers fought all the time either for them selves or a city that would pay them. They work in they fields and the city were done by captured women and men, they were called helots.

The women were extremely tough in Sparta, they feasted if a son had died brave ,in battle. They even went as far as if a son returned from battle and lost they ,would kill them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Double Disaster

As the force of nature occurred in Japan people were seeped up by the tsunami out to sea. This terrifying sight was seen by the people whom lived off the coast of Japan. The magnitude was 8.9 which was double the magnitude in Christchurch.The houses were scattered like toys upon the water.

The earthquake didn't cause so much catastrophic because the houses were built to stand, even when a earthquake is happening but the disaster made a extensive crack in the nuclear plant which had made a fire. Even though the double disaster had just happened it sounds like a massive death toll.The magnitude was 8.9. Thousand of people evacuated from there homes.

The Tsunami was 30 feet tall (10 meters), that’s there biggest wave in the current event that has happened in Japan. It also is the biggest Tsunami seance world war 2.The death toll grew throughout the day.The violent wall of water captured heaps of houses, cars also, ships got swept out at sea and some got caught in a whirlpool.

There was a large amount of people evacuating and trying to find higher ground away from the Tsunami. After that dint doubt that people were terrorized and felt blue. I feel apologetic for them.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cricket Coaching

“Cool cricket, I love it” I told my friend “yeah OK ,whatever” she replied quickly. Every week room 17 have cricket lessons out on the field in the evenings. I like cricket because I know how to play and I enjoy it. Hammond the coach first taught us the pool shot.I have never heard of that shot ,well I have never heard of any shots that's weird, how I love cricket but I hardly have any experience.

One Thursday we learnt the pull shot with Hammond. With the pull shot we had to split up in teams of four. We all had to try and hit the ball between these two cones, I hit them way out between the cones. Sometimes I hit it out of bounds and sometimes at the back of me.

We were all sitting down waiting for Hammond to tell us we could go and practice the front foot drive. For the Front foot drive we had to hit the ball between the cones like the pool shot , but we put the two balls on the Tee and hit it through cones. It started off being tricky, because I kept on missing the Ball. Later on I got used to it, but I still need a bit more practice.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tennis Tournament

“Wake up honey you have a big day to day” said mum “I know but I’m too tired” I replied.I have a big tennis tournament I have to try and beat two people, one from Ellerslie and one from the same tennis group as me.

As I walked on to the court I felt nervous as the first person I had to beat was the Madeira from Ellerslie. It was I long game the points started as love (0) then 30 40 deuce the end I won. I felt happy but at the same time tired because it Isn’t over yet. I have to beat another one it was like Wellington vs Wellington It was super trying after the first match.

Next one It was just the same but the points were different who ever got 9 games won, Meg the person I had to try and beat won . At the end of the day I felt sad but still happy because it was FUN!!.