Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr Coope's Fantastic Meals

Every day we wake up smelling this heavenly smell. Can you guess were that aroma was  coming from? Well it was coming from the lovely fresh bread Mr Coope makes every morning. It is delicious! Most of the kids from team Bentzon ended up going for seconds just for the bread!

The lunches we fantastic. We had burgers and Hot dogs with sides of chips. That’s the only thing’s I remember any way. Just reading over this makes me crave for hot dogs yum!

Don’t get me started on dinner, it was the best! I went up for seconds one night. I was so full after that like a jar over flowing( I’m the jar). No offense mum but I love Mr Coope’s Meals! There delicious.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Best Camp Ever!

Sailing, it was the only thing I was really thinking about in the lead up to camp, but when the time came, I felt really nervous! To my surprise, I ended up volunteering for demonstrating how to sail. When I was out in the water, all the things Peter told me to do when into my left ear and straight out the other.

I was having trouble at first but when people started to came out to sail, I was felling just a little bit better. The thing I was most scared of was when I had to turn and move my whole body over to face the wind.

Coming back was better, but then I wanted to keep on sailing! I think I got the hang of it in the end. I would love to do that again. Even though I was really scared.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Going To Camp Benzon (Kawau Island)

Yes! In 1 week we are going to Camp Benzon. This is going to be great.

If your asking were camp Benzon is? It is on Kawau Island 8km off the mainland. To get there you have to catch a ferry from Sands Pit.

Our class have been researching about Camp Benzon and found some really cool things like Abseiling, Sailing and here's one that I never new existed A Burma trail. It is a rope course which you can do blind folded or at night.

I am looking forward to going on this camp because I have never done this before. Also its with my friends. Its just sad how we cant fit any lollies in our bag because we don't have enough space in our bags!

The challenge for me would be the Abseiling because I have never done it before. Also the Burma trail. I’m just lucky that we have some one guiding us through it! To be honest.

I cant wait to go to Camp. Its going to be awesome!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tennis Coaching

Tennis, in my opinion I am an expert, well kind of. I have lessons every Saturday, which is good for excercise and for learning more about the new sport. It's great.

As it came to 11:30 our class went straight to the courts. We had an appointment with Marcel, he is a professional tennis coach. After he introduced himself, the girls went up first to get a racket, then the boys. To warm up, Marcel showed us a ball skill to try and control it. We put the balls on the racket and we started to make it bounce. Some of my other class mates had their balls flying all over the place!!! It was funny.

After that we had a little game practicing the forehand skill. We got into partners for this and mine was Chante. First of all she went on the other side of the net. Marcel said to her side of the net to walk backwards and put down their rackets but keep hold of the ball. Then they started throwing the balls in front of us and we had to try and hit it back to them.

"Now we are going to play a little game now" Marcel said to all of us. We played rallies. Here is some of the rules, if the ball bounces twice in your out thats what happens to me heaps of times, I was gutted. One time when I was still on the court I was rallying Marcel and I bet him, but I still think he let me win or I was just to good for him. Yeah definitely the second one.

That lesson was great. I cant wait till next week, when we learn a different skill. I think it might be backhand.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Did you know that some comets are edible? Well our class made some, out of Icy cold Ice cream an Ice cream cone and some biscuits and sprinkles. My comet had Chocolate ice cream on it,(Actually comets are made out of ice and dust).

There was people rushing out the door like a stampede. They were rushing because when the ice cream melts in your hands you will have a melted comet! Though I couldn't wait to eat mine even if it did melt. I ran out of the door as I was inpatient to start eating. I could taste it all ready.

The Rocks and Sprinkles were crushed and bashed to try and make it smaller, but it ended up looking like dust and not so much as rocks. When I tucked into my ice cream my teeth felt cold, my friend said that I had sensitive teeth. Even though my teeth felt cold I carried on do you want to know why? Because it was worth it!

The last lick felt good, also there was a sticky mess through out my fingers, but then I wanted more ice cream. So then I scavenged around for more because they were bringing trays out with delicious lumps of ice cream on it. I picked a lump of vanilla flavored ice cream off the tray and ate it, and by my surprise it was yuck! After that I was picking my teeth because I could feel bits of biscuits and sprinkles stuck in my mouth! Out side where they were putting on the biscuits and sprinkles, right beneath their feet was a huge crumbly mess!

After that I felt sick but I could still taste it. YUM!! I cant wait for another ice cream comet, and you should try it out, just be warned, you will have a big mess after. So if you are under the age of eight ask your parents!!