Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royal Baby News

The new royal baby has arrived, a baby boy that is. In London the day that Princess Kate had her baby was my dads birthday, but the thing is is that in New Zealand it was the day after my dads birthday which I think is pretty cool.

Kate had given birth to a healthy baby boy at 4:24 pm at London's St Mary's Hospital. The unnamed baby weighs 8 pounds. Outside Buckingham Palace there was a massive crowd waiting to see the golden easel.

This new born baby is the third in line for the throne. I know that they haven't named the baby yet and I can't wait. So congratulations to Kate Middleton and Prince William to their new baby. 

Ashleigh's 13th Birthday

Tanya, Ashleigh's mum came down the drive way to pick me up for her Ashleigh's birthday sleepover.  I ran down the hallway to get my bag. We had two more stops to go we were heading to Shoal's house then to Vivienne's.

As we walked through the door Ashleigh came up to us and said "Hi". Ashleigh stayed down stairs for a while when we all walked up the stairs to her bedroom. I set up my present that I had brought her on the dresser. Huelo-ata came knocking on the door a couple of minutes later.  We were all here and ready for our 6:30 movie.

It was coming up to 6:30 so we started our journey all the way to Sylvia park. As we walked through the doors we noticed that there were hardly any people there. We all ran up to the movies and went to buy the tickets. After that we had spare time before the movie so we went to Pak 'n' save and brought some snacks.

The movie we went to watch was Despicable movie 2. It was really funny! For all you guys who haven't watched it yet it is a really hilarious movie for the whole family.  After the movie we went to the photo booth just outside and we took a couple of photos. We walked down the stairs and meet Tanya and Roland after the movie so we could make our ways to Dominoes. In the car we all started talking about the movie and the funniest parts.

Roland went in the store and bought pepperoni and cheese pizzas. It smelt so delicious. When we got to Ashleigh's house we sat on the table and ate the pizza. I had 3 slices of pizza it was yummy. After dinner we set up our beds and we watched a scary movie which had ended at 12:30 am. In the morning, we all got ready for school while Tanya was making our lunches.

Overall I had an awesome time hanging out with my friends and going out to the movies after school. Thank you to Ashleigh for inviting me over and a huge thank you to Ashleigh's mum Tanya, for letting us stay.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rock Climbing

Above is a presentation that shoal and I had made for a task that our teacher Mrs Squires had given to our group. The task was to write paragraphs revolving around one main idea yet it has really different meanings.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should PES Be A Single Gender School.

Should PES Be A Single Gender School.

I think Point England School is awesome and I don’t think we should be a single gender school . The reason for this is because if it was an all girls school there would be more dramas. Also if PES was an all boys school, there might be more fights between them.  

Girls are used to having more dramas than boys and more likely to gossip and spread rumors. And start to hurt other peoples feelings. If it was an only girl school the teachers would also have to break up fights.

But the good reasons about having a girls school would be they wouldn't be as shy to put there hand up.  And there is also be no distractions which can change their learning.

If it was a boys school there would still be dramas and fights but not as much as a girls school. Some boys would also cause fights over little things because some might be jealous of other people.

The good thing for having an all boys school would be there would be no distractions which can improve their learning ways and there would be less fights.

Prospective Student

The story below was made by my friend Huelo-Ata and I. I hope you like it.

Dangling precariously off the cliff the boy wonders to himself, will I make it?, or has my time come to an end? But with all his strength that he has left he pulls himself up onto the ledge. A slight of relief came across his mind but he also felt a feeling of anxiousness. Stopping to take a breath, in his sights he sees the karate dojo standing before him. His search had finally come to an end.

As he was walking up the steps, we could see the door. “Knock, knock!” The boy knocked twice. “SQUEAK!” The door slowly started to open and behind the door was the sensei. The boy saw the sensei and bowed not knowing what to do next. The sensei had pointed to his right and shut the door behind him.
The boy was very disappointed so he started to meditate to show the sensei that he was good enough to get into the school. After meditating for a day and a night, he finally knocks on the door again. The sensei opens the door and has the exact same reaction. Pointing to the side the boy gets rejected again.
The boy was very disappointed so he turned around and left the school. As he was walking, he looked down at the ground and his reactions start to change as he get more confident. He was so confident that he kicked the door open and wanted to fight the sensei.

As he was in his fighting stance, the sensei had pointed to the side on more time and he had finally looked to where he was pointing and saw a sign. “Please use side entrance”Looking very embarrassed, he used the side entrance and shut the door behind him.   

Fractured Fairy Tale Story

“Yeah! Wolf is here now. Lets get this party started” said one of the little pigs. They had invited their friends over to celebrate wolfs 21st birthday. Everybody was dancing and enjoying themselves except for one pig .He was sitting in the corner alone. His eyes started to drop and he fell asleep. He had a dream about the wolf being best friends with the pigs and that he would be all left alone. He quickly woke up and realised that no one was there. They had left him. A flicker of anger came across his eyes and at that moment he realized that he would be one of the pigs brothers but the wolfs worst enemy.

After the party, Little Red Riding Hood’s dad told her to take a basket to her grandmother. The basket was full of goodies but there was someone behind the tree who really wanted to have it, it was the  wolf. He had just finished coming from the three little pigs party and now he wanted Little Red. He followed her all the way to the middle of the forest until he saw the two little pigs and knew that there was something wrong.

After a 30 minute walk the evil pig had seen a little cottage and remembered that it was grandmas house. The pig knocked on the door loudly and when grandma answered the door. The pig ate her. He puts on grandma's clothes and jumped into her bed. Red Riding Hood opens the door and saw grandma on the bed. “Hey, grandma why are you so fat?” I ate alot when I was on the trip” replied Grandma. “Why is your nose so big?” “I had plastic surgery” said Grandma. “Why are you so pink?” “Just Give Me The Basket!” The Evil Pig Shouted “Ok here it is grandma” said Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red knew something was wrong, “Knock Knock!” Someone was knocking on the door. Little Red opened the door and it was their friend, the wolf. “ Don’t give her the basket!!” he said, but it was too late. In the basket was Cinderella's glass slipper. All along the wolf wanted Red Riding Hood because she had mistaken his basket with  hers. .......... TO BE CONTINUED

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Story Board for Mysterious Fairy Tale

My friends, Ashleigh, Hueloata and I have made a storyboard about a Mysterious Fairytale. Hope you enjoy.