Monday, November 19, 2012

The Tinker Toy Construction Set

This term the extension group had to chose a number between 1 and 20 and then Mrs Tele'a gave us a toy to research about the number I chose was 15 and the toy that I got was The Tinkertoy Construction Set.

The Tinkertoy Construction Set is a toy for children 5 and older. It was created in 1914. Charles Pajeau is the creator of the tinkertoy. It has at least 66 parts in it. Charles Pajeau had the inspiration to make the Tinker Toy because he saw children playing with pencils sticks and empty spools of thread and he also wanted to encourage children to use their imagination.

Caleb Chung Toy maker

Caleb Chung is an amazing toy inventor. He made the foam missile launcher the electronic Barbie and he also invented Dinobotic. The extension group had the opportunity to research about him. He has an amazing history starting off as a street mime and working his way up to be a toy inventor. Caleb Chung now owns a company called Giving Toys.  

Friday, November 16, 2012

Maniakalani Film Festival 2012

Entering hoyts Sylvia park was really cool because me and my friends couldn’t wait to watch the movies that a cluster of schools including ours had made. As the lights started to dim all you could hear was people going “shhh!” to each other.

There were heaps of movies made by different schools but the ones that stood out for me are the ones I will be talking about. First of all my favourite movies would be One Direction east side styles by Tamaki College and The Test by room 18 at  P.t England school.

One Direction by Tamaki College was hilarious starting off with some of the boys that come to our school dressed up pretending to be the One Direction group. The most funny thing in this movie is when at the end it has the the kids dancing but 50+ years.

On The Test by room 18 their movie shows their class in a test and all you hear is the clock ticking then they started talking, with their eyes and facial expressions. For a movie that has no one speaking in it it was really really funny. You can find all these movies on the maniakalani web site.After I lot more movies we had to go back to school. 

When we arrived at school we quickly went inside our classrooms and headed of. The manaiakalani film festival was awesome and I can't wait to go go next year. You can find all these movies on the link below.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics 2012

Today was Athletics Day and the field was scattered with sports equipment. When I arrived to school everyone was wearing their team colours. My team is Matatua a.k.a green. Javelin was our first activity, I was soon to have my turn. I was really excited but nervous at the same time. “Brooklyn, you're up” Mr Barks said to me. As I nervously walked up to take my turn, I grabbed the javelin stick and through it as far as I could. Unfortunately it didn’t stick to the ground but it was a very good throw.

I was quite disappointed in myself but I knew what I did wrong, every time we let go of the Javelin we were supposed to flick our hand so it would land diagonally. We all got reminded to flick our hands because that's the main reason hardly anyone got placing. Luckily my friend Huelo- ata came 2nd.

Our next activity was  softball throw so that meant it was pretty simple to do. When I through mine I became second place one ahead of my friend Huelo-ata. All the kids that got a place had to go to Mrs Clark and tell her the order of the placings.

Next was discus I was kind of freaking out because our class didn’t practise it. But when it was my turn I did pretty well coming 3rd but then getting put down to 4th.

After discus it was morning tea we didn't do much then but as we started to do our activities it all started to get interesting. Sooner or later the day had to end but the last activity was relays. Parents vs kids and Teachers vs kids. They were all great but when the clock stroke three we all went home in a good mood.   

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How To Make A Teddy Bear

How To Make A Teddy Bear

                          You would need:

* Lots of different coloured felt fabric.
* A couple of different coloured threads.
* 1 pair of googly eyes.
* Stuffing.
* Glue.
* 1 Button
* Needle
* Scissors


1: First of all gather together all of the equipment and lay it out in front of you.

2: Thread different coloured felt materials together with different coloured threads, make 2 sheets of 

3: Cut out a bear shape as a template and use pins to pin down on the felt.

4: Cut out the shape of the bear on both sheets of felt.

5: Make a slit on the back of one of the sheets for stuffing.

6: This one step would be the hardest out of all of them but try and do your best. Sew the 2 edges 
together to make a bear a 3D shape.

7: Grab some the stuffing and stuff it into the bear.

8: After stuffing the bear sow the slit at the back of the bear together.

9: Position the googly eyes onto the bear and glue them on.

10: Then Sow on a button for the nose.

11: Last but not least sow on the mouth you can do this any way you want you can put a smile on or even a sad face.

                        Thanks for reading my post now if that was you first time keep practising and you will soon get better and better.