Friday, March 23, 2012

Seeing The Warriors

 On the last day of camp we went to Swimarama and had some special visitors. It was the Warriors!! We all cheered them on and said"2012 winners". It was the best last day of camp ever. Go the Warriors!  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Concert

It was an intense night when some of teachers were getting ready in the hall for the camp concert. All the kids were lining up anxiously in the hall. They waited for Mr Barks the MC to call out the first of the groups names to go and perform their team dance.

A couple of teams passed and there was only approximately 3 more to go. It all went quiet when Mr barks picked up the microphone and started to tell us who was up next. It was the........ “Respectables!”  I rushed up the stairs like I was nervous, and don’t get me wrong I was, but I felt fine when the music started and my friends and I laughed.

Time flew by fast and soon it was time to announce the winners. 6th place was the Respect Squad. In fifth place was the incredible Respectablez (my team). After that it was time to go to bed. I was really tired and yawning like crazy.

I had fun watching the other teams with their dances, some were funny and some were okay. But they were all great.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Decorating Cupcakes

Mr Barks was wandering around in the big marquee. He told my friends and I that if we wanted to, we could go to room 12 and be taught how to decorate cupcakes, with Mrs George, Mrs Barks and Mrs Walters. And so we did.

When we arrived in room 12 we had to sanitise up to our elbows(well that’s what they said). After that we split up into groups of four and sat on one of the chairs. At the tables were cupcakes ready for us to ice. Mrs George was teaching us how to use fondant (icing).

First we used butter cream for the glue so that he fondant sticks. We had to put white icing as the background and started to use colours for at the top. Mrs George gave us leaf cutters and flower cutters to make shapes.

We started straight away because we were eager and so the fondant wouldn’t dry up before we were done. I took ages to decorate one of my cupcakes but when I was finished and took a bite of my cupcake and thought, wow this is delicious.

So then we went back out side and said thank you to all the teachers who helped us decorate these cupcakes. I really liked doing that activity. Even if it was a one time thing.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Picnic Day

On a very sunny day, Point England went down to the reserve to have our picnic. When we got there the teachers were laying out the tarpaulin to put our bags on also to sit and eat. After the tarpaulins were layed down everybody went scattering around the field going from place to place.

The first activity that popped in my mind was Volleyball. Even though I’m not so good at hitting the ball back over the net to the opposing team. I joined in any way. Surprisingly I wasn’t so bad after all. And I really liked it! When the first game finished I was tired and started to walk towards the beach.

“Wow!” I said, the beach has really been improved there was a deck a hand made rock in the middle of the water which was called a groyne. And it looked really really clean. Then an announcement was called out. By Mr Burt he said ”All team one and two who wants to go swimming meet the parents and teachers down at the beach with your togs on”. Approximately one minute later heaps of little children raced down the stairs excitedly and jumped into the freezing water.

I saw that some of the kids had really funny expressions on. It made me laugh. I saw one of my friends making clay bombs and clay pots and bowls. So I joined in with her. It was hard trying to find clay, but after a while of searching we found some and made clay pots.

Time has gone past and I was ready to eat and go to sleep. And I did. Well not the sleep part but I did ate. My friend Rita gave me some of her chips and I gave her some of my Chocolate Fingers. I was so relaxed sitting under the tree with some of my friends listening to people tring to play the guitar. But I was interrupted with the sound of Mr Burt's voice again telling all the Point England children that we will be leaving in five minutes.

“Gosh time has gone really fast” I said. “And we don't want to wast it” then Chante my friend pulled me up and asked “so what do you want to do now before we go.”Volleyball” I replied. We played one little game of volleyball and line up because it was time to go.

As we walked back to our classes we played on our netbooks and then the bell rang to go home. When I got home I went strait to sleep. The Picnic was really cool and I wish I could do it again and not wait tell next year. Even though I was really exhausted and Dehydrated. It was really fun.