Friday, August 27, 2010

Cross country for 2010

Waiting for the cross country race to begin is so nerve wracking. “Senolita are you nervous?” I asked, “ I am”. Suddenly Mr Burt started talking but although I couldn't hear him, my friend Senolita told me what he said. It was time for the really thing. “I’m so nervous but luckily I’m in Mataatua they are the bomb!!” I said to my friend.

Suddenly Mr Burt said “ The 11 year olds come to the start line they're up first." Race after race it started counting down. Finally he said that the 9 year olds are up. Right then my heart skipped up a beat. We had to go to the start line and wait for a bang of to starting blocks to crash together.

After a while Mr Burt was saying “ On your marks get ready” then I heard a bang. I nearly slipped over at the start as we all went off pushing and shoving each other to try and be at the start. But I was only at the middle.

Later on we all passed the gate and there was a big puddle of squishy yucky mud that made it hard for us to run. Suddenly when I was half way there Zion caught up to me we sprinted all the way to the finish. She ran across and she came 8th and I came 9th. I felt glad that I made it. I said to myself “I think my goal next year is to came less than 9th”.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Movie Surprise

“Another morning another day,” I said wearily as I slowly got out of bed. Ariana my sister groaned at my mum, “Whats for breakfast mum, I've been waiting till ten o'clock!” My mum replied “Then make yourself some cereal.” “Ok.” Ariana said with glee.” “Come on girls get changed were going out.” Our mum yelled from the kitchen. “Where are we going out?” We asked. “It’s a surprise!” She replied. “ Oh,” we moaned. “Chop chop” she yelled. “Aahh” my sister said, “mum kind of scared me.”

While we were waiting in the car, we were bubbling with excitement over our surprise.
It soon started to get boring waiting our mum. She couldn’t decide what to wear. “Hurry up Mum!” We shouted from our seats. Finally after taking her time she opened the car door and hopped in. When mum put the keys in the ignition the car roared to life like a grumbling stomach. On the way Ariana shouted from the backseat, “Can you put on California Girls?” We sang along to the song in our best Alicia Keys voices.

“We’re here!” Mum said as we pulled into the entrance of Highland Park. “Oh I know where we are going now. We are going to the movies!” Ariana replied. “What are we watching?” I asked. “Its part of your surprise!” Mum smiled.

Suddenly my hand started to get sweaty. I was nervous because I didn’t know what the movie was, or if I had seen it before. With tickets in hand we tried to find our seats in the dark. We waited in the cinema for about five minutes listening to the music. My sister and I were bursting with anticipation. Finally the lights dimmed and the ads came on. I was still trying to find out what the movie was called. Mum told us we were watching Shrek Forever After. I was thrilled to hear that.

After the movie I felt like I wanted to see it again. My favourite character was donkey. When he had to sing to the witches his voice was hilarious! The best part of the movie was when the Ogres and Fiona and Shrek started dancing under Peter Pipers spell. Donkey and Puss tried to rescue them but you will have to watch it to find out what happens. My sides were hurting from laughing too much. It was so good that I want to get it on dvd if it comes out.