Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Favourite Toy

My favourite toy was a singing puppy toy because it was the first soft toy that my grandparents had ever given to me. It gave me three dogs to play with. This is because I also played with my grandparents two dogs named Muffy and Pari.

My favourite toy looks like a puppy with blue floppy ears and different colours on his paws. Also when you press on one of the paws the puppy sings or plays games with you. It’s actually quite amusing when you're only three or four.

My favourite toy makes me feel happy because it reminds me of when I was younger and all the things I did with it. The best memories I have of my favourite toy are going to get it from my grandparents room and playing with it loudly. My nana would growl me because she was trying to sleep.

Now it is probably stuffed into a bag never to be seen again. It brings me happiness thinking of it because all the things that were there aren't any more like my nana and papa’s dogs.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

Arch Way To Another Dimension

“Its time to leave were not safe here you must go through the arch to another dimension you're our only hope”."Okay daddy but promise you will find me"."I Promise now go before its too late". When there was war there was death so as the child of chief Abner ran along with her baby to one of the the arches that magically transport them to this dimension. The women wasn't alone though. Her enemies followed her here and she was killed but before that she sent her baby to a foster home knowing that she was the only hope.  

20 years past and now there are no more wars and the new apple Ipads are out. But as Eden grew older she had no idea who she was or what things she had to do. She was now with her friend Sam walking along with their tour guide. Walls of dark green bushes travel by as our tour group wonder along the path way. "And as you may know that years ago the greeks built statues of people to symbolise their love, they also built arch ways to transport themselves into different dimensions" said our tour guide Matt. Of course they were restricted for know one knew what would happen.  

My friend Sam and I were walking down the path to find ourselves standing in front of a restricted area sign. Eden felt something in her telling her to go in so out of nowhere she grabbed Sam and pulled her into a different path."Where are we going the group is heading the other way" Said Sam." I know I just needed to come here, to see what they're hiding"."Who's hiding Eden?"... "I see it" said Eden in an excited way."See wut? Im confused" "The arch". They came to a stop just in front of the arch What do you suppose we do know? asked Sam.

"Go through and see what happens I guess" Said Eden."No way i'm going back". "Okay then but i'm going through" said Eden. She knew she had to like someone was telling her to. Suddenly as she took one step through the arch she could see war happening. Heading back to the tour group she realized Eden wasn't there.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Narrative Practise

Once upon a time there was once three work colleagues named Stuart, Sue and Zoe. They were volunteers for the ANZ business association. They were part of team who were to help to clean up the zoo. Their job was to clean the crocodile enclosures. They felt so excited.  When they arrived at the zoo they went to check in and were escorted by one of the zoo employees, who was trained to feed the crocodiles.

When they arrived at the enclosure, Sam the zookeeper had forgotten to get the food for Crocky. So the the three of them all went to the cafe to wait until Sam was ready for them. But they failed to remember to close the door.  Crocky, the eight foot crocodile, came crawling out eating everything that was in his path.

“AAAArrrrgggghhhh” says Sue as she saw Crocky came up behind her. The first thing she thought was how did the crocodile get out of the enclosure. And if they would still get paid.

While she was thinking she quickly rang animal control. Not knowing that Crocky was coming up behind her luckily she got to speak to animal control but she failed to stay alive.

After that the animal control came but there were only a small amount of survivors and some were badly injured. So then the animal control and split up to try and find Crocky it took awhile but they finally found where he was.

The problem is solved when they took Crocky to his home country so he could live happily ever after in his own way and everyone who survived lived happy ever after but still having a fear of crocodiles.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Going To Willow Park

Excitedly hoping into the car with all my bags and sister my mum took us down to school on Monday the first day of the school holidays. Sounds crazy right , going to school the day of our holidays but we had a reason actually lots of students had reasons. We were going to Willow park for our school riverside camp.

When we arrived at school my sister and I saw loads of kids inside the breeze. So I went to my friends Huelo-ata, Ashleigh and Vivienne and sat down ready to listen to Mr Burt. Sooner or later all of us were on the bus waving to our parents slowly dissapearing into the distance.  

The way to Willow Park was so fun, talking to my friends, and the speed bump wren't so bad either when we went over them we bounced up off of our seats and came back down again.