Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion assembly

When I went to school on the first day of term 3 I wondered to my self “ What is are topic for this term “? So then we all went inside the hall for our Immersion assembly and i saw Mr Barks wearing a red beard which looked really funny on him. Before long I heard mr Burt saying “ Tena Koutou tamariki ma “ assembly has began .

After that Mr Burt showed us what our topic is this term and it was Mighty Mariners I had know idea what that meant until we saw the items from team one to five teachers. My favourite team was team 5because Miss Tito, as Jessica Watson a sixteen year old from Australia, the youngest to travel around the world solo on a yacht for me that is amazing.

My second favourite was team four with Miss King dressed up as a pirate looking for Johnny Depp ( Miss Tele’a ) it was funny after that I felt amazed because It was interesting but funny. I wonder what the topic will be next term.

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