Friday, August 27, 2010

Cross country for 2010

Waiting for the cross country race to begin is so nerve wracking. “Senolita are you nervous?” I asked, “ I am”. Suddenly Mr Burt started talking but although I couldn't hear him, my friend Senolita told me what he said. It was time for the really thing. “I’m so nervous but luckily I’m in Mataatua they are the bomb!!” I said to my friend.

Suddenly Mr Burt said “ The 11 year olds come to the start line they're up first." Race after race it started counting down. Finally he said that the 9 year olds are up. Right then my heart skipped up a beat. We had to go to the start line and wait for a bang of to starting blocks to crash together.

After a while Mr Burt was saying “ On your marks get ready” then I heard a bang. I nearly slipped over at the start as we all went off pushing and shoving each other to try and be at the start. But I was only at the middle.

Later on we all passed the gate and there was a big puddle of squishy yucky mud that made it hard for us to run. Suddenly when I was half way there Zion caught up to me we sprinted all the way to the finish. She ran across and she came 8th and I came 9th. I felt glad that I made it. I said to myself “I think my goal next year is to came less than 9th”.

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