Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Immersion Assembly Term 4

“Oh my gosh” I said to my friends as I walked into the hall for our Immersion Assembly finally I know what our new topic is for this term. At home I had desperately wanted to know and now I did. It was about little critters. I like the Immersion Assembly because all of our teachers come together dressed up and perform a play to show us, what our topic is.

My favourite item was Team 4. They were a bee colony with worker bees and of course the queen bee. She was Mr Barks dressed in a curly wig with a tiara, wearing sparkly clothes. The worker bees fed him, cleaned him and they also cooled him down. Mr Barks kept on laying eggs which was funny as the eggs were teddy bears wrapped up in toilet paper.

The other one that I liked was Team 3 they were NZ Next Top Little Critter every one of them were lady bugs except Miss Mauld she was a bee. It was funny when they were dancing. After the Immersion Assembly I couldn't wait to learn about little critters


  1. WOW Brooklyn,

    Immersion Assembly was fun. My favourit was Team 4 and Team 3 item as well. It was funny when Mr Barks started to pull out babies, and when Mr Barks yelled out " I LOVE YOU!" to Mrs Barks. Great reading your posts. Keep it Up!


  2. Hi Brooklyn
    I love the way you used all of the interesting words and difrent type of senteces you used. My favourite team was team 4 as well but I think that were not the only people who liked team 4.
    Bye for now Ashleigh


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