Friday, December 10, 2010

Going to the lagoon

With a huge splash I plunged into the Pakuranga lagoon. As I stood on the bank I shivered and shuddered, with teeth chattering too. “Cool!”I exclaimed. I could still see the ripples from my cannon ball and the patterns of sun light on the surface. As I walked over to tell my mum and dad it turned out not to be the ripples of my cannon ball, but confusingly the ripples of my brother flicking water on to the lagoon. I was annoyed because my brother kept on poking me, so later when he wasn’t looking I pushed him into the lagoon. My sister cracked up, laughing so loud that later on she had sore ribs. The day started to grow cold and we decided to go home. My brother whispered I cant wait to go back there again so I can push my sister into the pool” I think it was his sugar rush talking.

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