Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Netbooks

At anytime and anyplace in GI we can use our new netbooks , other wise we will be disconnected to the Internet.We have our net books so we can be ready for the future,because we never know when we will need to use these skills that we are practising to do now.

Room 17 were sitting on the mat listing to the clear instructions that Mrs Burt gave us on how to un- box our new net books.
We also had a serial number. With antictipation we waited for Mrs Burt to tell us too press the ON BUTTON.

It is amazing when all our students look and feel energised when they do school in their own time like lunch, interval and even in the morning when you walk into class and see just about every one on their netbooks. When I get ready for school I feel so energised because we get to work on our net books.

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  1. Dear Brooklyn
    I like the way you put in some big words that could
    keep me awake just by reading your cool story.
    Was it hard to make your writing interesting? Have you had any more netbook problems?

    From Alexandria johnny.....


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