Tuesday, September 13, 2011

RWC Tonga vs Canada

Thomas Palu (Tongan team) Ed Fairhurst (Canada team)

Who: The teams who are playing are Tonga vs Canada.

When: The date for this game is Wensday the 14 0f September 2011 and the time is 14:30 ( 2:30).

Where: This game is going to be played at Whangarei at the Northland Event Centre.

Prediction for score: I think the prediction for Tonga vs Canada is going to be 30/15 to Tonga!!!! Sorry Canada but I vote for the Tonga.

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  1. Hi Brooklyn
    I liked your post about TONGA vs CANADA. It was really tough for TONGA because CANADA is really strong. Keep up the good writing, and can't wait to read your other posts.


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