Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life Without A Netbook

Back in the day (last year)! I used a pencil. Netbooks are so much better. I can’t even  imagine a life without a netbook. Last year we had to write our story's in our exercise books and copy it all in the Mac’s it was a waste of time really. With netbooks all you have to do is go on to our blogs and type it all in.

I love using my netbook to go on to the Internet. Except there is a problem the connection fails its so frustrating. Sometimes it makes me fall behind. So I have to work even harder to finish my work. That’s not cool.

But I have to say there are some positives about our netbooks, for example we have easy access on to the Internet and when we don’t know how to spell a word all we have to do is click on thesaurus (one out of many websites we are permitted to go on), and type in the word that we are confused with and it will came up with oppositions.

The netbook is great but I would like tell you some improvements you could make. One of them is Tux paint when we have tasks that we have to draw pictures and post it on our blogs it makes our pictures seem just a little bit babyish.

If the pilot failed I would really be gutted. Having a netbook is a really big advantage for the year 5 and up. I just cant imagine a life without a netbook.  


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