Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Concert

It was an intense night when some of teachers were getting ready in the hall for the camp concert. All the kids were lining up anxiously in the hall. They waited for Mr Barks the MC to call out the first of the groups names to go and perform their team dance.

A couple of teams passed and there was only approximately 3 more to go. It all went quiet when Mr barks picked up the microphone and started to tell us who was up next. It was the........ “Respectables!”  I rushed up the stairs like I was nervous, and don’t get me wrong I was, but I felt fine when the music started and my friends and I laughed.

Time flew by fast and soon it was time to announce the winners. 6th place was the Respect Squad. In fifth place was the incredible Respectablez (my team). After that it was time to go to bed. I was really tired and yawning like crazy.

I had fun watching the other teams with their dances, some were funny and some were okay. But they were all great.

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