Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Symbols About Me

Hello my name is Brooklyn and I am a yr 8 student who goes to P.t England School. At 12:30 and at 1:00 on Wednesdays and Mondays I head off to extension with a few of my friends.This term the extension group had to make a visual mihi.

We had to draw 5 symbols about ourselves and were allowed to trace our face’s. My 5 symbols show that I LOVE music and filming, I come from New Zealand, that I am half cook Island and I like to do alot of sports. My first symbol is the sign music it isn’t much but I can understand what I mean. I just like music. My second symbol has a picture of a video camera and the word, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. The reason I chose that as one of my symbols is because when I grow up I would like to make movies (mystery movies). My third symbol shows the New Zealand flag I chose that as my third symbol because I live in New Zealand. Not much to say but the scenery is beautiful and I am proud to be a New Zealand citizen. My Fourth symbol show the wonderful place of Rarotonga. I’ve been to Rarotonga so many times and I guess it just grew close to my heart. My last symbol has the names of sports that I would like to play or am going to play. Thank you for reading my post please comment.

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  1. Hey Brooklyn,
    I really like all of your symbols you have there on your collage. Some of them are similar to mine. But if there were anything you could try to fix up, it wouldn't be much really. I really love this post Brooklyn. Keep up the great work.

    Yours sincerely,


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