Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Were The Spartans

The Spartans lived in town in ancient grease, which was called Sparta. The Spartans were known for there love of freedom,honesty and courage.

No luxury for the boys at the age of 7, they got taken away from there family's, and only trained for war. To do that they had to grow there hair long, when they grew older they became police men or soldiers.

The soldiers fought all the time either for them selves or a city that would pay them. They work in they fields and the city were done by captured women and men, they were called helots.

The women were extremely tough in Sparta, they feasted if a son had died brave ,in battle. They even went as far as if a son returned from battle and lost they ,would kill them.

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  1. Hi Brooklyn,
    We liked your story because it was interesting. It told us lots of things about Sparta. We have a group in our class called "Spartans" and they thought that was brilliant!

    From Room 9


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