Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Double Disaster

As the force of nature occurred in Japan people were seeped up by the tsunami out to sea. This terrifying sight was seen by the people whom lived off the coast of Japan. The magnitude was 8.9 which was double the magnitude in Christchurch.The houses were scattered like toys upon the water.

The earthquake didn't cause so much catastrophic because the houses were built to stand, even when a earthquake is happening but the disaster made a extensive crack in the nuclear plant which had made a fire. Even though the double disaster had just happened it sounds like a massive death toll.The magnitude was 8.9. Thousand of people evacuated from there homes.

The Tsunami was 30 feet tall (10 meters), that’s there biggest wave in the current event that has happened in Japan. It also is the biggest Tsunami seance world war 2.The death toll grew throughout the day.The violent wall of water captured heaps of houses, cars also, ships got swept out at sea and some got caught in a whirlpool.

There was a large amount of people evacuating and trying to find higher ground away from the Tsunami. After that dint doubt that people were terrorized and felt blue. I feel apologetic for them.

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