Friday, June 8, 2012

Static Images

Today room 21 had to choose a static image and write a paragraph about it. A static image is a photo or painting which is still and has no motion. A static image could also be a poster or drawing. I chose to do a cluster of Frangipanis. In this picture, in my opinion was taken from a top angle. Also I think it brings a happy relaxing feeling to it. The effect that I like is the patterns on the flowers. It looks like there is just a splatter of yellow paint on it.  

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  1. Hi Brooklyn,

    You are able to analyse a static image well and establish your own personal opinion on it. It's a great skill to have! Next time, you could expand on the affects it would have on viewers e.g. the yeallow splatter gives it the relaxing affect because the yeallow colour represents happiness.

    Mr. O'Connor


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