Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taonga Time

Every Friday everybody in the intermediate block switch classes to do different projects with different teachers. I am with Mrs Tele’a. The project we have do is time laps. “Do you know what time lapse is Shoal?” I asked her “ Yep well kind of” she replied.

Shoal wasn’t here last week so I told her what we had to do. We had to time lapse one of Robyn Kahukiwa pictures. I chose to time lapse Hine. The picture is of a maori woman's face, the most difficult thing for me to draw was her moko. Shoal chose to do Upoko Whero.

Time lapse is kind of like tracing except you draw line by line making different cards. It takes a while to do the outline but when we finish we start on the shading and colouring.

When I started the shading and colouring it's harder than it seems, you have to try and get the right colour and shading throughout the whole picture. Mrs Tele’a told us to use the spray can because it helps you with the detail, and it did!

An hour later we have to leave. I really like toanga time because its fun and I get to learn different things each week. I can’t wait till next Friday for the next session.  

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