Friday, October 26, 2012

Narrative Practise

Once upon a time there was once three work colleagues named Stuart, Sue and Zoe. They were volunteers for the ANZ business association. They were part of team who were to help to clean up the zoo. Their job was to clean the crocodile enclosures. They felt so excited.  When they arrived at the zoo they went to check in and were escorted by one of the zoo employees, who was trained to feed the crocodiles.

When they arrived at the enclosure, Sam the zookeeper had forgotten to get the food for Crocky. So the the three of them all went to the cafe to wait until Sam was ready for them. But they failed to remember to close the door.  Crocky, the eight foot crocodile, came crawling out eating everything that was in his path.

“AAAArrrrgggghhhh” says Sue as she saw Crocky came up behind her. The first thing she thought was how did the crocodile get out of the enclosure. And if they would still get paid.

While she was thinking she quickly rang animal control. Not knowing that Crocky was coming up behind her luckily she got to speak to animal control but she failed to stay alive.

After that the animal control came but there were only a small amount of survivors and some were badly injured. So then the animal control and split up to try and find Crocky it took awhile but they finally found where he was.

The problem is solved when they took Crocky to his home country so he could live happily ever after in his own way and everyone who survived lived happy ever after but still having a fear of crocodiles.

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