Monday, October 15, 2012

Going To Willow Park

Excitedly hoping into the car with all my bags and sister my mum took us down to school on Monday the first day of the school holidays. Sounds crazy right , going to school the day of our holidays but we had a reason actually lots of students had reasons. We were going to Willow park for our school riverside camp.

When we arrived at school my sister and I saw loads of kids inside the breeze. So I went to my friends Huelo-ata, Ashleigh and Vivienne and sat down ready to listen to Mr Burt. Sooner or later all of us were on the bus waving to our parents slowly dissapearing into the distance.  

The way to Willow Park was so fun, talking to my friends, and the speed bump wren't so bad either when we went over them we bounced up off of our seats and came back down again.  

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