Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How To Make A Teddy Bear

How To Make A Teddy Bear

                          You would need:

* Lots of different coloured felt fabric.
* A couple of different coloured threads.
* 1 pair of googly eyes.
* Stuffing.
* Glue.
* 1 Button
* Needle
* Scissors


1: First of all gather together all of the equipment and lay it out in front of you.

2: Thread different coloured felt materials together with different coloured threads, make 2 sheets of 

3: Cut out a bear shape as a template and use pins to pin down on the felt.

4: Cut out the shape of the bear on both sheets of felt.

5: Make a slit on the back of one of the sheets for stuffing.

6: This one step would be the hardest out of all of them but try and do your best. Sew the 2 edges 
together to make a bear a 3D shape.

7: Grab some the stuffing and stuff it into the bear.

8: After stuffing the bear sow the slit at the back of the bear together.

9: Position the googly eyes onto the bear and glue them on.

10: Then Sow on a button for the nose.

11: Last but not least sow on the mouth you can do this any way you want you can put a smile on or even a sad face.

                        Thanks for reading my post now if that was you first time keep practising and you will soon get better and better.

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