Friday, November 16, 2012

Maniakalani Film Festival 2012

Entering hoyts Sylvia park was really cool because me and my friends couldn’t wait to watch the movies that a cluster of schools including ours had made. As the lights started to dim all you could hear was people going “shhh!” to each other.

There were heaps of movies made by different schools but the ones that stood out for me are the ones I will be talking about. First of all my favourite movies would be One Direction east side styles by Tamaki College and The Test by room 18 at  P.t England school.

One Direction by Tamaki College was hilarious starting off with some of the boys that come to our school dressed up pretending to be the One Direction group. The most funny thing in this movie is when at the end it has the the kids dancing but 50+ years.

On The Test by room 18 their movie shows their class in a test and all you hear is the clock ticking then they started talking, with their eyes and facial expressions. For a movie that has no one speaking in it it was really really funny. You can find all these movies on the maniakalani web site.After I lot more movies we had to go back to school. 

When we arrived at school we quickly went inside our classrooms and headed of. The manaiakalani film festival was awesome and I can't wait to go go next year. You can find all these movies on the link below.

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