Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My 12 th Birthday

                                             (My cousins are on the side and my sister's in
                                                                    the middle)
My birthday was quite cool. I was in Whangarei two days before my birthday and on the last day we went to Parua Bays Tavern with my cousins and I after our meals we went outside and played for a while its was really funny because there was a group of guys singing songs really loud. The next day was pretty busy because me and my sister were headed back down to Auckland with our cousin Sophia and our uncle Phil.

The night we arrived we went to lord Nelsons in the city it was really nice. I had a Caper Steak and my sister had Calamari. My papa said that the restaurant was there for a long time and yet lots of people still come to enjoy the restaurants food.

The next day me and my sister went to our dads house and went to the movies and watched Paranorman it was quite a good movie really interesting and sometimes funny. That night we went to Tanukis Cave it was the first time I went there but the others went there a couple times before. Can you believe it, we went out for dinner THREE times in a row. My birthday was awesome because I got to spend days with some of my family and we went out for dinner and stuffed our faces with delicious food.

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