Monday, December 17, 2012

Prize Giving 2012

 Nervously walking up to the stage to collect my prize I felt hot. Last Thursday our school had our annual Prize Giving. I was lucky enough to get a certificate, for citizenship and a prefect badge that's me in the picture with the other prefects the new and the old. I was quite surprised when Mr Burt called my name out for prefect. I think my mum was also surprised to. I cant wait till next year. Prize Giving was awesome!


  1. Brooklyn, this blog is amazing! I'm from the US and I haven't really seen such a good blog in awhile. You keep up the good job! Congratz for getting a certificate for citizenship and a perfect badge. I'd love to know more, about your daily life. Your posts, I love to read they are actually very interesting, and fun to read. Guess what? I'm only two years older than you, and I have a similar blog. But, it's not ready for views. But, seriously good job Brooklyn! Good luck on school and your life. Keep up the good work. -Mikayla S.

  2. Hey Brooklyn! I'm a teacher from the United States. We're in a technology class looking at eportfolios and blogs. You are the only student one given as an example, and I must say that you definitely have the best one of all! Awesome job! Your parents should be proud.


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