Monday, July 8, 2013

Should PES Be A Single Gender School.

Should PES Be A Single Gender School.

I think Point England School is awesome and I don’t think we should be a single gender school . The reason for this is because if it was an all girls school there would be more dramas. Also if PES was an all boys school, there might be more fights between them.  

Girls are used to having more dramas than boys and more likely to gossip and spread rumors. And start to hurt other peoples feelings. If it was an only girl school the teachers would also have to break up fights.

But the good reasons about having a girls school would be they wouldn't be as shy to put there hand up.  And there is also be no distractions which can change their learning.

If it was a boys school there would still be dramas and fights but not as much as a girls school. Some boys would also cause fights over little things because some might be jealous of other people.

The good thing for having an all boys school would be there would be no distractions which can improve their learning ways and there would be less fights.

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  1. I fully agree with you there Brooklyn!



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