Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ashleigh's 13th Birthday

Tanya, Ashleigh's mum came down the drive way to pick me up for her Ashleigh's birthday sleepover.  I ran down the hallway to get my bag. We had two more stops to go we were heading to Shoal's house then to Vivienne's.

As we walked through the door Ashleigh came up to us and said "Hi". Ashleigh stayed down stairs for a while when we all walked up the stairs to her bedroom. I set up my present that I had brought her on the dresser. Huelo-ata came knocking on the door a couple of minutes later.  We were all here and ready for our 6:30 movie.

It was coming up to 6:30 so we started our journey all the way to Sylvia park. As we walked through the doors we noticed that there were hardly any people there. We all ran up to the movies and went to buy the tickets. After that we had spare time before the movie so we went to Pak 'n' save and brought some snacks.

The movie we went to watch was Despicable movie 2. It was really funny! For all you guys who haven't watched it yet it is a really hilarious movie for the whole family.  After the movie we went to the photo booth just outside and we took a couple of photos. We walked down the stairs and meet Tanya and Roland after the movie so we could make our ways to Dominoes. In the car we all started talking about the movie and the funniest parts.

Roland went in the store and bought pepperoni and cheese pizzas. It smelt so delicious. When we got to Ashleigh's house we sat on the table and ate the pizza. I had 3 slices of pizza it was yummy. After dinner we set up our beds and we watched a scary movie which had ended at 12:30 am. In the morning, we all got ready for school while Tanya was making our lunches.

Overall I had an awesome time hanging out with my friends and going out to the movies after school. Thank you to Ashleigh for inviting me over and a huge thank you to Ashleigh's mum Tanya, for letting us stay.

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