Monday, August 12, 2013

Information On Apirana Taylor

 Apirana Taylor attended Te Aute Collage and from there Massey University. He choose to not continue University when he rediscovered his passion for writing poetry. At the age of 21 he took a notebook with him writing poetry while he walked around New Zealand. 

Since then he had been working at some very labouring jobs such as Building sites, labouring and cleaning toilets. Apirana has frequently been hired as a teacher. Through choice he had worked at these occupations as he felt these were the kind of surroundings he'd find the kind of material he wished to write about.  He has won awards for his plays, short storys, poetry and acting. Which is pretty cool because he comes from a long line of directors, writers and actors. 

He earns a living mainly as a poet storyteller and actor. Magical Storytelling and wonderful poetry is what he is commonly known for. He has been regularly invited all of the country to present his work. He has also been invites twice to both Europe and India to read his Poetry. I cannot wait for this Thursday as we can talk to him and other people like him. 

Courtesy of Apirana Taylor.

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