Friday, August 23, 2013

Art Reflection

This weeks creative strand task was kind of the same as last week as it revolved around finishing our Polynesian woodcut designs. I really enjoyed this week as I got to start printing my designs on paper. Starting with yellow and building our way to the last colour black.  But sadly I didn't get to finished my printing as there as been a lot going on and not enough time.  This week I learnt that printing has to be done really accurate and that you have to be very patient to let the paint dry.  Overall it has been a great week and I cannot wait till the next time when I get to finish of my work.

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  1. Hey Brooklyn,
    What a very cool post about our creative strand literacy week. I liked how you informed us about what you do when you print. Very awesome! I too enjoyed our creative week and I think that your wood print was good. Keep Up the Great Work!



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