Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Funny Immersion Assembly

"Yeah volcanoes" I said to my friend . We went to the hall for an a Immersion Assembly . An a Immersion Assembly is when our teacher introduces our new topic, which this term was called Active Earth. Suddenly Mr Jacobson came inside the hall saying "Everyone calm down". As soon he finished it suddenly became quiet , Mr Jacobson had a backpack filled with gear . Not long after all of the teams had to do an item about Active Earth .

My highlight was team four and their fabulous performance . The host Maggie Magma with her vibrant yellow hair and her beautiful assistant Miss Lava lava and the contestants, Miss Cinders ,Miss lahar and Miss Bionic super sonic electronic In the game show called " Whose smarter than a ten year old " . When they answered questions they popped party poppers and sprayed party strings.

I also liked team Five when miss Tito played miss colarlava a smiler name to Miss Lavakula and Miss Nua acting to be Miss lady lava another smiler name to Lady Gaga , She said she would sing a song and she didn't that was a shame I was really looking forward to it I can't wait to learn more and more stuff about active earth.


  1. Wow Miss Bionic,Techtronic,Electronic,Supersonic is a very long name. That was a great story Brooklyn.I think you could make it better with a animation.


  2. Hi Brooklyn

    I enjoyed reading your post about immersion assembly. I think that all the teachers did a great job introducing the topic for the term. Team four was awesome and Miss Tito made me laugh when she said she was Miss Kula-lava!

  3. Wow Brooklyn great use of interesting words, it made the story sound really exciting! It would be awesome if you told us more about what team five was doing. We found team four's item really funny because the teachers were acting silly and rude haha. It really made us laugh. We can't wait to hear more of your interesting stories for this term.


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