Thursday, April 22, 2010


On Saturday about ten fifty after my sisters swimming I went to play tennis. Tennis is my favorite sport. At the tennis court my teacher was waiting for me and the rest of the class. When they came we started to do some exercising with the racket and the tennis ball. First we practised hitting the ball over the net starting at the baseline. It was pretty far but we did it. After a while it was over so we went back home and went to watch t.v. I cant wait till next Saturday for more tennis.


  1. Hi Brooklyn

    You must be great at tennis now. I remember your mum playing it back in college. Great to see you following in her footsteps. Have fun!

    bye for now

    Shoals mum

  2. Hi Shoals mum,

    Thank you for commenting on my post and my mum always tells me after tennis I was great so yes I think I am better at it now.

    Thank you again for commenting

    By Brooklyn


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