Thursday, April 22, 2010

school camp

"Wow" I'm finally going to camp with my friends, and I cant wait till we do interesting things like Orienteering ,kayaking ,skating bowling and other stuff.My favorite part was kayaking and rock climbing. When we went kayaking Ashleigh fell over.I didn't even fall over and it was my first time to.My arms were tired later on.So I gave it to some one else . Suddenly we had to go back to school and practice are item . As soon as we went back to school it morning tea we had cookies and cake. After that we went to do orienteering . My partner was Ashleigh it was fun until we got lost . At the end of camp we went to summerier . When we came we had races I was in the freestyle race . I came second . I was puffing and panting when I came out of the pool it was time to play in the pool I cant wait till next camp.

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