Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Going To Camp Benzon (Kawau Island)

Yes! In 1 week we are going to Camp Benzon. This is going to be great.

If your asking were camp Benzon is? It is on Kawau Island 8km off the mainland. To get there you have to catch a ferry from Sands Pit.

Our class have been researching about Camp Benzon and found some really cool things like Abseiling, Sailing and here's one that I never new existed A Burma trail. It is a rope course which you can do blind folded or at night.

I am looking forward to going on this camp because I have never done this before. Also its with my friends. Its just sad how we cant fit any lollies in our bag because we don't have enough space in our bags!

The challenge for me would be the Abseiling because I have never done it before. Also the Burma trail. I’m just lucky that we have some one guiding us through it! To be honest.

I cant wait to go to Camp. Its going to be awesome!!

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