Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Did you know that some comets are edible? Well our class made some, out of Icy cold Ice cream an Ice cream cone and some biscuits and sprinkles. My comet had Chocolate ice cream on it,(Actually comets are made out of ice and dust).

There was people rushing out the door like a stampede. They were rushing because when the ice cream melts in your hands you will have a melted comet! Though I couldn't wait to eat mine even if it did melt. I ran out of the door as I was inpatient to start eating. I could taste it all ready.

The Rocks and Sprinkles were crushed and bashed to try and make it smaller, but it ended up looking like dust and not so much as rocks. When I tucked into my ice cream my teeth felt cold, my friend said that I had sensitive teeth. Even though my teeth felt cold I carried on do you want to know why? Because it was worth it!

The last lick felt good, also there was a sticky mess through out my fingers, but then I wanted more ice cream. So then I scavenged around for more because they were bringing trays out with delicious lumps of ice cream on it. I picked a lump of vanilla flavored ice cream off the tray and ate it, and by my surprise it was yuck! After that I was picking my teeth because I could feel bits of biscuits and sprinkles stuck in my mouth! Out side where they were putting on the biscuits and sprinkles, right beneath their feet was a huge crumbly mess!

After that I felt sick but I could still taste it. YUM!! I cant wait for another ice cream comet, and you should try it out, just be warned, you will have a big mess after. So if you are under the age of eight ask your parents!!

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