Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tennis Coaching

Tennis, in my opinion I am an expert, well kind of. I have lessons every Saturday, which is good for excercise and for learning more about the new sport. It's great.

As it came to 11:30 our class went straight to the courts. We had an appointment with Marcel, he is a professional tennis coach. After he introduced himself, the girls went up first to get a racket, then the boys. To warm up, Marcel showed us a ball skill to try and control it. We put the balls on the racket and we started to make it bounce. Some of my other class mates had their balls flying all over the place!!! It was funny.

After that we had a little game practicing the forehand skill. We got into partners for this and mine was Chante. First of all she went on the other side of the net. Marcel said to her side of the net to walk backwards and put down their rackets but keep hold of the ball. Then they started throwing the balls in front of us and we had to try and hit it back to them.

"Now we are going to play a little game now" Marcel said to all of us. We played rallies. Here is some of the rules, if the ball bounces twice in your out thats what happens to me heaps of times, I was gutted. One time when I was still on the court I was rallying Marcel and I bet him, but I still think he let me win or I was just to good for him. Yeah definitely the second one.

That lesson was great. I cant wait till next week, when we learn a different skill. I think it might be backhand.

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