Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making Good Choices

Early on this term room 21 have took classes in the life carvan. The topic this time is to make good choices, but to also learn about the systems in our body. We all have five systems in our body can you name them?

Why should you make good choices? Well if you don’t you would have to pay the consequence.The consequences for smoking are lung disease, heart attacks and sometimes if it gets out of hand death. In my opinion smoking is a bad habit and a waste of money. Also when you are a kid like me and you do something wrong, at home or at school you either became on detention or get in trouble.

Your body is unique but you can just destroy it just like that with alcohol, instead of taking drugs and smoking think of the positive ways to keep yourself healthy. If you're on medication and you need to take all these drugs then do but, if you don’t and you don’t have a prescription then stop it!

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