Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Annual School Cross Country

“NOOOO!!!!!” The day had come to go to the annual school Cross Country. First off we started on the Senior courts waiting for the Juniors to run their run. One by one they went off and then it was the year 7’s turn. I was trying to find my way out of this but as soon as Mr Burt slammed his two blocks of wood together we were off.

We went around half of the field and out the gate. As soon as we ran out all I could hear was sloshing mud soaking my shoes. I just couldn't wait to get out of the grassy mud puddle, but all I could see was a never ending mud snake ending at the shell-covered path.

Later on in the 3km run I started to think it is Friday so why not enjoy the mud puddles. So then I made a mud slide but it failed. I just fell to the ground hurting my bottom. The race was getting harder and I started to feel exhausted. I finally came to the the bush walk. It was really cool, weather wise.

As I became to the end of the race I could hear Mr Burts voice commenting on the kids coming through the finish line. I was at the stage of running around the field ready to cross the finish line. It was really muddy, so I jump in the puddles enjoying myself.

“Yes”, I am finally at the finish line. I was so muddy that I gave Mrs Tele’a a big hug hoping I would get some mud on her Takitimu clothes (I'm in team Matatua). I crossed the finishing line running to the tap where there was a long line of people waiting for the water to soak their clothes. Even if I didn’t come any place I feel like I could do this all over again.

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  1. Hi Brooklyn

    I enjoyed reading this post because I like the way that you have set out your paragraphs. Your writing flows between paragraphs quite well. I also liked the vocab you used e.g. 'never ending mud snake'. Well done for participating and for having a great attitude towards your experience.

    Mrs L


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